In the last two decades, computing models evolved to shift applications from running on desktops to running on servers. This trend has continued with the ubiquitous adoption of cloud computing, virtualization, and high performance computing. As such, server technology has advanced and is advancing to keep up with market demands. Many servers today use the fastest and highest capacity components available. The architectures of systems are optimized to leverage the advantages brought by these components. Higher performance servers incorporate architectures that support multiple multi-core CPUs, high speed memory and drives, and ultra fast network interconnects. Yet, even the processing power, storage capacity, and system and network speeds of the most advanced server alone may not be adequate to solve all application demands as users reach critical mass. A viable solution is to cluster servers together when individual server systems cannot fulfill application workloads.

High Performance Servers from Supermicro

As a premier Supermicro reseller, Thinkmate offers the latest high performance server systems from Supermicro. These servers are expertly configured and thoroughly tested by Supermicro and Thinkmate to offer the highest ROI and lowest TCO. Supermicro high performance servers available from Thinkmate include the following:

Supermicro SuperBlade® — SuperBlade is Supermicro’s industry-leading high density, high performance, and high availability blade server product range. Three models of SuperBlade servers are available: OfficeBlade®, DataCenterBlade®, and TwinBlade®. Each SuperBlade server blade contains two or four multi-core CPUs. Twin Blade systems offer the highest density of 20 redundant server nodes containing 40 CPUs per blade enclosure (7U size). A standard 42U rack fully populated with Twin Blade server blades achieves 0.35U per dual CPU node.

Supermicro FatTwin™ — Supermicro FatTwin systems are very high density rack servers in 4U chassis. Each FatTwin server can contain two, four, or eight hot-pluggable server nodes. Each node supports dual multi-core CPUs. Several FatTwin configurations are also GPU-optimized. Each FatTwin server comes with a highly effective and efficient cooling system that enables it to operate in high temperature free-air environments of up to 47ºC. Because of this, significant power savings and lowered TCO can be achieved.

Supermicro SuperStorage — SuperStorage is the Supermicro storage server solution for data center, enterprise, and cloud computing environments. Supermicro SuperStorage servers incorporate Double-Sided Storage® architecture where drives are packed and stacked in the front and rear of server chassis for maximum storage density. The largest Super Storage server in 4U size can contain up to ninety 3.5” SAS/SATA drives.

Buy High Performance Supermicro Servers from Thinkmate

Thinkmate’s website allows you to easily and quickly configure high performance Supermicro servers for purchase. If a custom configuration is required, Thinkmate’s in-house engineers and expert configurators can work with you to configure a system to your specific requirements. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Thinkmate’s MCP and MCSE certified engineers can also custom configure Microsoft products to your specifications. Each Supermicro server is backed up by Thinkmate’s 20 years’ of experience in the industry and 3 year warranty with advance parts availability. With the best component technology, superior warranty terms, and 24-hour support, servers purchased from Thinkmate experience minimal or zero downtime.

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