Server Storage

Today’s data center solutions require an optimal mix of computing power and storage capacity to run the data-driven applications they are designed for. Whether for Linux server or Windows server environments, high density compute servers and server storage allow more to be done using less resources like physical space and power. The availability of configuration options for these servers is key to being able to customize the best data center solution specific to each application.

Configurable Server Storage from Thinkmate

Availability of storage configurations for servers enable solution architects to accommodate for the amount of data processed by each application. Thinkmate offers highly configurable server storage for all the rackmount solutions that it supplies including those from Supermicro.

Drive options for Thinkmate and Supermicro server storage include both hard and solid-state 2.5” and 3.5” drives. Hard drive capacities range from 100GB to 8TB per drive while solid-state drives of up to 1.6TB per drive can be configured. Hard drives with speeds of 5,400RPM, 7,200RPM, 10,000RPM, and 15,000RPM are available for configuration into a server. Drive interfaces available for Thinkmate and Supermicro servers include SAS and SATA, 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s interfaces.

The number of drives that can be installed in a rack server depends on the chassis size. The maximum number of drives that can be installed in a Thinkmate STX or Supermicro SuperStorage server is seventy-two drives in a 4U chassis. To scale up server storage even further, Thinkmate JBOD expansion units can be deployed. These units can contain up to ninety drives in a 4U chassis and support SAS 6.0Gb/s and 12Gb/s hot-swappable drives, thus enabling very high storage capacity and very high data throughput.

Application-Ready Server Storage Solutions from Thinkmate

Thinkmate makes available several application-ready server storage solutions incorporating hardware and software. These solutions include:

  • VMware® Virtual SAN-ready systems in a wide variety of configurations. These systems are fully integrated and VMware®-certified. They provide industry-leading capacity, reliability, performance, and power efficiency for virtual server storage with support for up to 400 virtual desktops per system.
  • Cluster-in-a-Box running Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard. The Supermicro SuperStorage Bridge Bay Cluster-in-a-box solution is available from Thinkmate. This solution offers mission-critical, enterprise server storage at an affordable price. It is delivered with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard preinstalled and has failover clustering configured across two server nodes.
  • Nexenta NexentaStor™ SAN/NAS systems. NexentaStor™ is an OpenStorage enterprise-class storage software that uses open standards and protocols. Thinkmate’s NexentaStor™ solution uses 1U servers for the Nexenta storage appliance and storage controller and JBOD drive expansion units in 2U and 4U footprints.

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