Server Rackmount

Gain flexibility with a server for rackmount installation

Data centers today need all the flexibility they can get, as performance and data storage capacity requirements seem to evolve on a daily basis. A server or storage server with a rackmount form factor provides data center teams with maximum flexibility and optimal performance at affordable prices, making it easy to continue to meet today's requirements while future-proofing data center infrastructure.

Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of custom rackmount servers, storage solutions, and workstations since 1986. When you need highly reliable machines at highly competitive prices, Thinkmate offers a wide range of custom server rack technology to meet the needs of any computing environment.

Why choose servers with rackmount form factors?

Rackmount servers and storage solutions offer several key benefits to data architects as they provide equipment that will deliver the performance, product lifecycle, and value that their data center requires.

Servers for rackmount installation pack more computing power and storage density into an existing data center footprint, helping to avoid the capital costs of adding or expanding facilities as additional storage capacity and increased performance is required.

Servers and storage servers in rackmount installations also enable easier cooling for equipment, as the server rack ensures space above and below each unit. Cables and power cords can be more easily managed and organized in a server rackmount infrastructure, making it easier to troubleshoot connections and requiring less maintenance time from data center staff.

Custom server and storage rack server devices provide the additional benefit of precise configuration to the needs of the data center. Rather than settling and overpaying for hardware that only comes close to the ideal features, functionality and capacity, custom rackmount servers and storage solutions enable IT architects to precisely configure their equipment to deliver optimal performance and storage capacity.

Rackmount server solutions from Thinkmate

Offering a broad range of customized server, storage and workstation solutions for businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. Thinkmate also provides customers with access to deep technical knowledge to help solve compute and storage challenges.

Our options for storage and servers with rackmount form factors include:

  • General-purpose rackmount servers. Thinkmate RAX custom servers for rackmount installation are our most flexible line of servers, ranging in size from 1U to 4U and delivering proven reliability and performance. Offering a wide variety of features and components, the RAX series is perfect as a building block for modern, fault-tolerant, and scalable data centers.
  • High-density servers. Thinkmate HDX servers are rackmount devices that increase computing density while minimizing costs, energy and space requirements. As highly parallel server systems, these Thinkmate devices are designed for computationally intensive applications in medical imaging, financial simulation, gas exploration, education and research, manufacturing, and other high-performance computing environments.
  • GPU accelerated servers. Thinkmate GPX servers feature NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and are designed for scientific and engineering computing where massively parallel processing power is required. These GPU servers, in rackmount form factors from 1U to 4U, are available with 1-10 GPUs, 2-24 drive bays and 1 or 2 processors.
  • Scalable storage servers. Our STX storage servers for rackmount installation include low-cost network-attached storage and JBOD storage for RAID or JBOD expansion. Providing maximum capacity and performance in a minimal space, Thinkmate STX storage servers are ideal for enterprise, data center, and cloud computing environments. Thinkmate machines feature high-efficiency power supplies and cooling fans, along with options for everything from a 24 bay storage server to a 72 bay server.

In addition to storage and servers for rackmount installation, we offer a wide range of best-in-class brand selections, such as Supermicro SuperStorage 1U Atom server options, along with custom tower servers for a wide range of applications and blade servers that are among the most technically advanced systems in the industry.

Building your own server and rackmount storage solution

Configuring your own rackmount server or rackmount storage solution at Thinkmate is straightforward and mystery-free. Our world-class configurator features more customizable options than any other system builder on the web and enables you to quickly configure your ideal machine by starting with a base model and adding or removing components. You can choose from a wide range of processors, SSD and hard drives, GPU accelerators, controller cards, networking cards, memory, PCI Express storage cards, operating systems, and more. The cost of each component is clearly marked, and as you add it or remove it from your configuration, you'll see the revised total configured price of your machine at the top of the page.

Along the way, if you have questions about finding the exact components you need or you're wondering whether your choices are all compatible, our expert solution architects are available by phone or by chat to answer your questions and provide assistance.

Why Thinkmate is your #1 server solutions provider

For more than 25 years, we've been providing custom workstations, storage solutions, and servers to customers looking for reliability and customizability at competitive prices. Every machine produced at our facilities outside of Boston is custom-built to meet the needs of our customers. Our reputation for reliability is hard-earned, thanks to our detailed reliability records and our stress-testing protocols. Our commitment to superior customer service means that everyone in our organization is dedicated to doing everything they can to meet the needs of our customers, and you'll always find a live person – not a robot – on the other end of the line when you call. Strong relationships with our direct suppliers enable us to offer systems that are priced as competitively as anything on the market, and our award-winning, 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement ensures you'll get the performance and value you need from your equipment.

FAQs: What is a server for rackmount?

What is a server for rackmount?

A rackmount server is a computer server or storage device that is designed to be mounted in a standard server rack.

What is a custom server for rackmount?

A custom rackmount server is one that is configured to a customer's exact specifications, rather than a device that is designed with a set of commonly used features as determined by the manufacturer.

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