Server Rack

The 42U rack cabinet has become the de facto standard for housing servers in data centers and enterprise offices today. It has become the industry-standard due to advantages it holds over other methods of housing servers. As more applications move to the cloud and virtual environments, the demand for rack solutions in data centers will continue to increase, and the benefits of the 42U server rack will continue to be evident.

Benefits of Using a Server Rack

Some of the key benefits of using a server rack are:

Ease of maintenance — Server racks organize hardware equipment into easily accessed and uniform stacks. Hardware equipment is mounted on standard dimension shelves in each server rack with easy access to the front and rear panels of equipment. This allows cables, buttons, mini displays, and sockets on the panels to be easily seen and reached. Some server racks come with slide-out shelves to mount equipment. When components in the equipment need to be changed, the slide-out shelves provide an easy way to access the internals of the equipment. A server rack also helps to reduce clutter by organizing network and power cables.

Increased equipment performance – A server rack enables equipment to be mounted in such a way that airflow for cooling the equipment is optimal. With better cooling and lower temperatures, hardware components can function at higher performance levels than if they were subjected to elevated temperatures. If a server rack is not used, hardware equipment may be placed randomly, and air may not circulate around the equipment easily or may even be blocked leading to higher temperatures and lower equipment performance. With the organization provided by server racks, cooling facilities in data centers and server rooms can be maximized correctly to cool server systems.

Space savings — Each 42U server rack cabinet is approximately 6 feet tall and houses hardware equipment in vertical stacks thereby optimizing vertical space and reducing horizontal space usage. This results in great savings in floor space in data centers.

Populate a Server Rack with Thinkmate Servers

Rack solutions from Thinkmate are designed to fit into standard 42U server racks. Thinkmate’s RAX line offers a large selection of rack servers with chassis footprints from 1U through 5U and provides an excellent blend of performance, density, energy efficiency, and cost. The RAX line includes close to thirty 1U rack server systems and close to fifteen 2U rack server systems.

Thinkmate is a leading reseller of Supermicro servers and offers Supermicro’s extensive selection of servers that mount into standard sized server rack cabinets. A key feature of Supermicro rack servers are their high compute densities. Supermicro 1U and Supermicro 2U server systems can run up to four CPUs in one chassis. Additionally, several Supermicro 1U server and 2U server configurations include options for GPU co-processors. Even higher compute density is achieved by the Supermicro 2U Twin and 2U Twin2® servers. Supermicro 2U Twin servers contain two server nodes in one 2U chassis while Supermicro 2U Twin2 servers contain four server nodes in a 2U chassis. Each server node is hot-swappable and incorporates two CPUs. That enables a 2U Twin server to run four CPUs and a 2U Twin2 server to run eight CPUs. A server rack fully deployed with Supermicro 2U Twin2 servers is one of the densest server racks available in terms of computing power.

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