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Today’s data center solutions have to fulfill demanding requirements for high performance, high reliability, and high availability. These solutions run mission and business-critical applications in circumstances where interruption and unavailability can translate directly to loss of revenue. Consequently, the server computer systems that make up data center solutions have rigorous requirements to be designed and configured suitably for the applications that they support. These systems must use the best hardware components available including motherboards, CPUs, disk drives, memory chips, network and other peripheral adapter cards, power supplies, cooling subsystems, and enclosing chassis. Failure of any of these components will cause server computer systems to fail completely at worst or suspend systems and applications temporarily at best.

Server Computer Systems for Data Centers

Data center server computers are designed and configured to fit and mount into server rack cabinets. These cabinets have standard physical specifications and are commonly referred to as 42U server racks. Each 42U server rack is approximately 6ft high and 19 inches wide. Server computers are mounted in a vertical stack in the server rack. Each server computer is contained in a chassis enclosure that is a multiple of one U, that is, 1U, 2U, 3U, etc. This chassis enclosure mounts or slides into each server rack (depending on the rack design). Peripheral equipment such as network switches that are available in U sizes can be mounted in server racks as well. Some peripheral equipment and smaller server computer systems come in short depth chassis such as half U chassis. Where space permits, short depth chassis equipment can be mounted at the front and rear of the same U space in server rack cabinets.

Types of server computer systems that are typically mounted in server racks include those providing processing power and those used for data storage. As cloud computing, virtualization, and high performance computing become more pervasive, demand for computing power and storage in data centers grow. Server computer systems are required to provide more CPUs and drive capacity per U space. This has led to increasing demand for high density computing, and many top vendors like Thinkmate have heeded customer demands by offering numerous server computer configurations for high density computing.

Configure a High Density Server Computer from Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers a wide selection of high density server computers for a large variety of applications. Its HDX range of high density servers are available in 1U through 3U chassis sizes. All HDX systems incorporate more than one server node in each chassis: 1U systems have two server nodes containing dual CPUs per node, 2U systems have two or four server nodes per chassis with dual CPUs per node, and the 3U system has eight server nodes per chassis with a single CPU in each node.

In addition to systems that are designed and built in-house, Thinkmate is also a leading reseller of Supermicro high density server computer systems such as the Supermicro 1U server and Supermicro 2U server that offer up to four CPUs per server node per chassis. High density servers in 3U, 4U, and 5U chassis are also available with the Supermicro 5U server system supporting eight CPUs in one chassis.

Even higher compute densities are available with Supermicro’s Twin servers:
  • Supermicro 1U Twin and 2U Twin servers offer two server nodes in each chassis with dual CPUs per node. The server nodes in the 2U Twin servers are also hot-swappable.
  • Supermicro 2U Twin2® servers offer four hot-swappable server nodes in each chassis. Each node contains dual CPUs.
  • Supermicro FatTwin™ servers come in 4U chassis. Each FatTwin server can have two, four, or eight hot-swappable server nodes with dual CPUs per node.
  • Supermicro TwinBlade® server supports 20 server nodes in a 7U blade enclosure resulting in 120 nodes in a 42U server rack. Each Twin Blade server node has two CPUs. Consequently, each 7U enclosure has 40 CPUs and a full 42U server rack has 240 CPUs.

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