Server and Storage Solutions

Improve performance with custom server and storage solutions

The demands of your computing environment are unique to your organization – which means you need server and storage solutions that are unique to your data center. While off-the-shelf systems may seem to provide brand familiarity at specific price points, custom server and storage solutions are far more likely to deliver the specific technologies, configurations, and capacity to optimize your data center performance.

Thinkmate offers a broad range of customized server and storage solutions for business, education and government customers. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and superior customer service, Thinkmate has been a #1 white box server solutions provider for more than 20 years.

The benefits of custom server and storage solutions

Customized server and storage solutions, also known as white box solutions, offer a host of benefits for data centers of any size.

  • Greater value. Off-the-shelf systems supposedly provide combinations of components that are highly in demand, but too often these systems forced buyers into paying for functionality they don't need. With custom server and storage solutions, you pay only for the features and components that are right for your data center.
  • Future-proofed technology. Custom solutions allow you to more effectively lay the technological groundwork today for your data center needs tomorrow.
  • Complete customization. Custom server and storage solutions are built to order, enabling you to provision machines that are exactly suited to your compute and storage needs.
  • Easier maintenance and support. White box solutions typically feature components with standard interfaces which can be easily and affordably replaced when necessary. In contrast, the parts from off-the-shelf systems from major integrators can be harder and more expensive to source.

Custom-built server and storage solutions from Thinkmate

Since 1986, Thinkmate has been providing custom-configured computer equipment including workstations, servers and storage solutions to customers who want optimal flexibility, the highest reliability, and the most affordable pricing.

Today, our customers not only rely on us for custom solutions, but for our deep knowledge across a broad range of products and technologies. As a trusted advisor and consultant, we partner with our customers to support all of their needs for computer technology.

With Thinkmate, it's easy to configure custom server and storage solutions. Our world-class configurator features more customizable options than any other system builder on the web. After selecting a base model server or storage server, you can add or subtract components to configure the exact system you require. The cost of every component is clearly marked, so there's no mystery about how the machines are priced or what your total cost will be. Our expert solution architects are available at any time to answer questions or help you configure the right system, and they can review your choices before purchase to make sure everything will work together seamlessly.

Servers and storage technology from Thinkmate

Our server and storage options include:

  • Rackmount servers for general-purpose use that are available in form factors from 1U to 4U and feature proven reliability and performance. Our RAX servers provide support for the latest technologies in CPU, GPU, storage, memory and networking, and deliver industry-leading savings in performance per watt.
  • GPU servers that deliver massively parallel processing power and unrivaled flexibility with up to 4 GPUs in a 1U server. Our GPX servers, including NVIDIA Tesla server, SXM2 server and, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti server options, are optimized for the most computationally intensive applications and high-performance computing environments.
  • High-density servers that make it possible to operate and maintain up to 8 systems in the same physical space. Our HDX servers offer industry-leading density for use in HPC computing clusters, data centers and data farms, search engine nodes, and other high-availability applications.
  • Storage servers that provide maximum storage capacity and performance in minimal space. Our products include servers for network-attached storage, nearline storage and JBOD and RAID expansion units (our biggest storage server options) as well as 1U storage devices and SATA storage server products.
  • Tower servers designed for a wide range of applications. Our TWX servers are ideal for small businesses that don't require dedicated servers or rackmount solutions.
  • Blade servers that deliver maximum affordability, reduced management costs, lower power consumption, optimal ROI, and high scalability.

Thinkmate also provides best-in-class brand selections, including GIGABYTE storage server solutions. Additionally, we offer a wide range of workstation solutions and turnkey software solutions for VMware Virtual SAN-ready systems, VMware EVO: RAIL and VMware vSphere.

Thinkmate: Your premier server and storage solutions provider

Server and storage solutions from Thinkmate provide:

  • 100% customizability. Every Thinkmate machine is built and stress-tested in the USA and completely customized for the needs of our customers.
  • A 3-year warranty. All of our products can be paired with a 3-year warranty that includes advanced parts replacement, and we offer flexible options for extended warranties.
  • Exceptional reliability. Thanks to detailed reliability records and our rigorous stress testing protocols, we have a hard-earned reputation for delivering reliable computers.
  • Competitive pricing. We have the same direct relationship with suppliers as the large-name manufacturers, enabling us to offer pricing that is on par with or better than our competitors.
  • Excellent customer service, where people – not robots – answer every phone call and are available to help configure a system or answer technical questions.

FAQs: What are custom server and storage solutions?

What are custom server and storage solutions?

Custom server and storage solutions are computer servers that are built to a customer's exact specifications. Whereas off-the-shelf equipment offers a common set of features and components, custom solutions are completely tailored to the needs of a customer's computing environment.

Why choose custom server and storage solutions over off-the-shelf products?

With off-the-shelf products, customers inevitably end up paying for features and components they do not need. Custom solutions enable customers to provision equipment that is ideally configured for their data center. And while off-the-shelf products may have been more affordable at one point in time, custom solutions today offer competitive pricing and greater value by enabling customers to choose and pay only for the components they need.

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