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Improve performance with custom server and storage solutions

Custom server and storage devices enable IT architects to equip their data centers with technology that is ideally suited to meet the unique demands of their organizations. By configuring individual servers and storage technology to exact specifications, IT teams can optimize performance and maximize storage capacity while paying only for the features and functionality they require.

When it comes to custom server and storage solutions, Thinkmate is the #1 provider for customers in a wide variety of industries. Offering highly reliable devices at highly competitive prices, we make it easy to equip your data center with server computers that are perfectly aligned with your compute and storage needs.

The value of custom servers

For years it was assumed that off-the-shelf servers and storage technology could provide higher performance at lower cost, thanks to the economies of scale involved in mass-producing devices with a core set of features and functionality. But today, with highly competitive pricing on white box solutions, custom server and storage devices can not only deliver better performance but greater value as well.

When customizing the server and storage technology in a data center, IT architects can provision machines that are both ideally suited to requirements today and that are ready to expand and grow as performance and storage capacity requirements increase in the future.

Because custom equipment is typically built by white box solution providers who use readily available commodity components instead of proprietary branded technology, servicing and replacing parts in custom servers is easier and less costly as well.

Server and storage technology from Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers a wide variety of custom server and storage solutions that enable you to provision machines with configurations that match your data center needs exactly. Our track record for delivering highly reliable equipment with outstanding customer service at extremely competitive prices has made us the #1 white box solutions provider for more than 20 years.

Every machine that leaves our facilities is customized for the needs of our customers. Our online pricing and ordering system has more customizable options than any other system builder on the web, and if you can't find exactly what you need on our site, you can contact our solution architects for assistance in building your ideal machine.

When you build server and storage devices with our world-class configurator, you can start with a base model that has the form factor, platform, maximum RAM, and number of drives you need. Then you can add or swap out components to design your perfect server or storage equipment. Our pricing is completely transparent – the cost of every component is listed in the configurator, so there are never any surprises when building your device.

Comprehensive server and storage options

Thinkmate provides a wide variety of server and storage equipment, including:

  • Rackmount servers for general-purpose use. Thinkmate RAX servers are our most flexible line of rackmount devices, delivering a high level of reliability and performance in form factors from 1U to 4U.
  • GPU-accelerated supercomputing servers. These devices feature NVIDIA Tesla GPUs that deliver massively parallel processing power, with up to four GPUs in a 1U storage server for the most computationally intensive applications and high-performance computing environments.
  • Blade servers for highly parallel computing workloads. Thinkmate BLADE servers are the most technologically advanced blade server system in the industry. Delivering maximum affordability, optimal ROI, lower power consumption, and reduced management costs, Thinkmate BLADE servers provide a host of advantages over competitors' blade products and traditional rackmount servers.
  • High-density servers for cloud and high-performance computing. Thinkmate high-density servers allow you to operate and maintain up to 8 systems in one physical space. Our HDX series is perfect for HPC computing clusters, data farms, data centers, search engine nodes, and other high-availability applications.
  • Tower servers for small business use. Our tower servers are ideal for businesses that don't need dedicated servers or a rack-dense solution. Delivering industry-leading performance, Thinkmate tower servers are optimized for applications such as databases, corporate networking, and email and web servers.
  • Best-in-class brand systems. In addition to our white box solutions, we offer branded systems configured by Thinkmate, including Seagate JBOD drives, Supermicro Atom server options, and products by Intel, Asus, and GIGABYTE.
  • Server-attached storage devices. Ou r broad range of storage servers delivers the highest drive density along with maximum storage capacity for enterprise, data center, and cloud computing environments. With hot-swappable drives, high-efficiency power supplies and cooling fans, these systems offer high-availability and easy maintenance. Thinkmate solutions include options for network-attached storage (NAS), nearline storage, JBOD and RAID expansion, as well as SATA storage server options, online storage server products and solutions for the largest storage server available.

What makes Thinkmate the premier server and storage provider?

Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Providing a broad range of customized server, storage and workstation solutions, we work with businesses, educational institutions and government agencies to solve data center challenges with highly reliable and affordable equipment.

When you source server and storage equipment from Thinkmate, you can have confidence you'll be getting the most reliable machines in the industry. Our rigorous quality control processes and our detailed reliability records enable us to deliver machines of the highest quality and to offer an award-winning, 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. As a company, we are completely dedicated to customer service – every member of our team will do everything in their power to help our customers get the equipment they need, as well as fast answers to questions and quick resolution of issues. All of our equipment is made in the USA in our state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts, and our strong relationships with direct suppliers enable us to offer pricing that matches or beats our big-name competitors.

FAQs: What are server and storage solutions?

What are server and storage solutions?

Server and storage solutions are the backbone of the modern data center. Servers are computers that are responsible for processing requests and serving data to other computers, or clients, and storage solutions are servers that are dedicated to storing and serving data for a wide range of users, applications and systems.

What are custom server and storage technology?

Custom server and storage solutions are servers that are configured to the precise needs of a data center. In contrast, off-the-shelf systems are configured by manufacturers according to their perception of which collection of features and functionality will be most attractive to a large number of buyers. By ordering custom server and storage technology, organizations can get solutions that are tailored to their requirements while paying only for the features and functionality that they require.

What are white box server and storage equipment?

White box server and storage solutions are built by non-brand manufacturers using easily available commodity hardware. White box server and storage technologies are easier to customize, offer greater cost savings, and are often easier to support and service as well.

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