SAN Storage Solutions

The SAN storage solutions market has been invigorated in recent years by the advent of SAN storage software that organizations can purchase and then run on industry standard x86_64 servers. Among other benefits, these software-defined SAN storage solutions free organizations to work with their hardware provider of choice. Thinkmate, a leading custom server and storage solution provider, offers a range of custom-built storage servers ideally suited to powering SAN software. We also offer ready-made SAN storage solutions that pair our state-of-art hardware systems with proven SAN software from industry trailblazers.

SAN Storage Solutions: High-Performance Storage Servers for Running SAN Software

Thinkmate builds several families of custom storage servers, each tailored toward different workloads. For organizations seeking best-in-class hardware platforms on which to run SAN software, we offer two lines of storage servers well-suited to powering SAN storage solutions:

  • STX-NL storage servers. These high capacity storage systems are optimized for enterprise-class nearline storage workloads and deliver superior IOPS/TB performance. Our STX-NL systems are available in footprints from 1U to 4U, with HDDs from 1TB to 8TB and SSDs from 120GB to 800GB, and support SATA or SAS drives.
  • STX-EN storage servers. STX-EN systems meet the needs of the most demanding SAN server workloads such as storage for enterprise database systems or online transaction processing systems. These systems support 6Gb/s or 12Gb/s SAS interfaces, high-RPM drives, and high-capacity enterprise SSDs to help deliver exceptional performance to mission-critical applications.

SAN Storage Solutions: Ready-Made Systems for VMware or Nexenta SAN Software

Along with general purpose storage servers, Thinkmate also offers ready-made SAN storage solutions that showcase market-leading SAN software from VMware® or Nexenta®:

  • Virtual SAN Ready systems are hardware platforms that are purpose-built to support VMware’s Virtual SAN™ (VSAN) technology. A modern alternative to the conventional SAN system, VSAN is integrated with the vSphere hypervisor and delivers high-performance shared storage for virtual servers and virtual desktops. With Thinkmate’s certified VSAN Ready storage solutions, we can install vSphere and VSAN for you or you can install the software yourself if you prefer.
  • NexentaStor systems pair Thinkmate custom hardware platforms with Nexenta’s NexentaStor™ software which delivers unified SAN and NAS support. These SAN storage solutions provide you not only with support for block-level SAN I/O protocols (Fibre Channel and iSCSI) but also support for the file-level protocols (such as NFS and CIFS/SMB) that are the traditional domain of NAS servers – all in one system with unified administration.

Whether you choose a general purpose storage server or one of our ready-made SAN storage solutions, you can count on Thinkmate for above-and-beyond customer service, during the purchase process and for the life of your system. You can also count on one of the strongest warranty programs in the industry, with standard three year coverage including advance parts replacement.

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