SAN Storage

SAN storage is well regarded for its performance, reliability, and versatility. The downside of SAN storage is the cost and management complexity entailed by maintaining a separate network dedicated exclusively to storage traffic. As a leading provider of custom server and storage systems, Thinkmate offers two types of SAN storage solutions that deliver SAN benefits while minimizing the administrative overhead. The first is a unified SAN storage and network attached storage (NAS) system, and the second is a virtual SAN solution that seamlessly integrates with server virtualization technology.

SAN Storage Unified with NAS

For nearly 30 years Thinkmate has built custom server and storage systems for customers ranging from small businesses to some of the world’s largest businesses, universities, and government agencies. Our product line includes ready-made storage solutions that pair a Thinkmate or Supermicro data storage server with storage software from market leaders like Nexenta® and VMware®. We can install the software for you, or if you prefer you can buy certified hardware platforms to spec and install the software yourself.

Thinkmate’s NexentaStor™ servers are certified for running NexentaStor software, which provides unified support for NAS server protocols (NFS, CIFS/SMB) and SAN server protocols (Fibre Channel, iSCSI). By providing unified SAN storage and NAS storage on the same hardware platform and with a common management console, these NexentaStor systems greatly reduce administrative overhead in comparison to running separate SAN and NAS arrays. NexentaStor systems from Thinkmate support a wide range of workloads on a single common network storage tier—including traditional NAS workloads such as file sharing as well as traditional SAN workloads such as storage for relational database systems.

Virtual SAN Storage

Thinkmate VSAN Ready systems are purpose-built for powering VMware vSphere® and VMware Virtual SAN™ software, which we can install for you or you can install yourself. Virtual SAN technology enables you to use the same hardware resources to power virtual machines (VMs) and the storage required for those VMs. There is no need for a separate storage cluster like with traditional SAN storage. The virtualized and shared storage layer is managed through the same VMware management tools that you use to manage the virtual machines.

Thinkmate’s certified VSAN Ready servers have optimum configurations of RAM, HDDs, and SSDs (which the VSAN system uses for read/write caching to accelerate performance). We offer systems ranging from 1U servers that power as few as 15 VMs up through 4U server clusters that support hundreds of VMs and all their required storage.

All Thinkmate SAN storage systems are built from only the best components and are exhaustively tested in our facilities in the USA. We back all of our custom server and storage systems with exceptional customer support and warranty programs that are among the industry’s best.

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