RAID 5 Server

Improve performance and redundancy with a RAID 5 server

When you're configuring a RAID storage solution and want to maximize performance while ensuring data protection and availability, a RAID 5 server is an appealing option. Using disk striping and parity, a RAID 5 server evenly balances reads and writes, providing performance that is equivalent to a RAID 0 solution and offering more usable storage than a RAID 1 server or a RAID 10 server.

As a leading provider of custom computer and server equipment for a wide range of organizations, Thinkmate delivers RAID 5 server technology that offers the most robust RAID data protection available today.

The benefits of a RAID 5 server

A RAID storage server combines two or more disks into a single logical unit to achieve greater data availability, higher data protection and/or faster performance while reducing the cost of data storage. A RAID file server can be configured with several methods to achieve these objectives, including:

  • Mirroring, where data is replicated to one or more disks to increase redundancy.
  • Striping, where data is written in blocks across several disks to increase performance.
  • Parity, where checksums are added to data to detect errors during transmission to increase fault tolerance.

A RAID 5 server uses striping with parity to create a configuration where no single disk is a bottleneck and where data can be quickly reconstructed in case of a disk failure. RAID 5 servers require a minimum of three drives, and no maximum number of drives. Because the RAID parity function requires one disk drive per RAID set, usable capacity will always be one drive less than the number of total drives available. And because the parity function is shared across all drives, a RAID 5 server is considered one of the most secure configurations.

Benefits of a RAID 5 server include:

  • Extremely fast read transactions – write transactions may be somewhat slower because of the parity calculation.
  • High fault tolerance – if one drive fails, all data can still be accessed even as the failed drive is being replaced. (For even higher fault-tolerant, consider a RAID 6 server with dual parity.)
  • Higher usable capacity than RAID 1 because it doesn't require duplication. Usable capacity is between 67 and 94%, depending on the number of data drives in the RAID set.

RAID 5 servers from Thinkmate

For more than 25 years, Thinkmate has been combining leading-edge technology and superior customer service with highly competitive pricing to deliver custom computer and server solutions for customers in business, education, and government. With decades of SCSI development experience, Thinkmate provides highly robust RAID solutions based on a hardened RAID code that has been proven over years of use in demanding environments. Thinkmate RAID servers – including our nearline storage solutions and JBOD expansion storage – are sold by most top-tier computer manufacturers.

Thinkmate storage technology for RAID solutions

Thinkmate offers a range of storage technologies that can support a RAID 5 server configuration, including:

  • NAS servers that provide a balance between performance and high capacity, along with support for Areca's PCI based RAID adapters.
  • Nearline storage servers for RAID arrays as well as high-performance computing, high-reliability cloud storage, and high-availability external storage arrays.
  • JBOD storage expansion units for RAID or JBOD expansion, providing a highly economical way to expand current storage capacity.

Thinkmate: Custom servers, storage, and workstations

Since 1986, Thinkmate has been providing solutions that are 100% customized to the needs of our customers. Our world-class configurator makes it easy to quickly cost out, compare, build, and order our equipment online, and our highly competitive pricing is on par with or better than our competitors. With Thinkmate solutions, you can expect:

  • Superior quality. Our commitment to providing the highest quality technology has made us a #1 server solutions provider.
  • An award-winning warranty. We offer a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, ensuring business continuity.
  • Exceptional customer service. Our entire company is focused on helping our customers get the solutions they need, and you'll always find a real person to talk to when you contact us by phone, email or chat.
  • Equipment made in the USA. All of our machines are built in our state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is a RAID 5 server?

What is a RAID 5 server?

A RAID 5 server is a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) that are configured to deliver a storage solution that provides excellent performance and redundancy. Level 5 configuration of RAID uses data striping to write blocks of data to multiple drives, improving performance. And it uses a parity check distributed across the drives to improve fault tolerance.

What are the advantages of a RAID 5 storage solution?

RAID 5 offers extremely fast read transactions, though somewhat slower write transactions due to the need for parity checks. RAID 5 also delivers high fault tolerance, where all data is accessible even if one drive fails.

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