RAID 10 Server

Achieving performance and redundancy with a RAID 10 server

A RAID 10 server combines increased speed with high levels of redundancy to deliver superior storage for environments where performance and security are required. Also known as RAID 1+0, a RAID 10 configuration requires a minimum of four disks and uses disk mirroring and disk striping to deliver an excellent storage option for I/O-intensive applications and for organizations that must maintain little to no downtime.

When customers in business, education, and government need to implement RAID storage server solutions, they turn to Thinkmate for leading-edge technology, outstanding customer service, and highly competitive pricing.

How a RAID 10 server is configured

A redundant array of independent disks (RAID) uses several technologies to improve speed and performance and to increase data protection and data availability.

  • Striping divides data into blocks and spreads those blocks across multiple drives, enabling faster reads and writes.
  • Mirroring replicates data on one drive to one or more other disks, accelerating read performance (but not write operations, since data must be written to multiple disks) and providing higher fault tolerance.
  • Parity checks determine whether data has been lost or written over as it is transferred between drives, increasing data protection and fault tolerance.

A RAID 10 server combines the striping of a RAID 0 server with the mirroring of a RAID 1 server for a storage solution that is both faster and more resilient. A RAID 10 server offers greater data protection than a RAID 5 server, as a failed disk can be rebuilt by simply reading a mirrored disk and storing the data to a replacement drive. And while a RAID 6 server provides more usable disk capacity and protection against two simultaneous disk failures, a RAID 10 server enables faster rebuilds and doesn't require special hardware.

RAID 10 servers from Thinkmate

For more than 25 years, Thinkmate has been providing world-class, custom-configured servers, storage, and workstation solutions to customers in a wide range of industries. Our commitment to superior customer service and leading-edge technology has made us a #1 white box server solutions provider, and our highly competitive pricing ensures that our customers can affordably provision the technology they need for any environment.

Thinkmate RAID servers are built with our extensive experience in SCSI development and provide the most robust RAID data protection available on the market today. Our RAID solutions are resold by most of the top-tier computer manufacturers, thanks to machines that are built with a hardened RAID code that has been proven over years of use in demanding environments.

A range of storage solutions for RAID configuration

Thinkmate storage solutions for RAID file server configuration include:

  • JBOD storage. We offer a range of JBOD storage expansion units that deliver dependable, high-capacity options for RAID and JBOD expansion.
  • Nearline servers. Our nearline storage solutions are built to support enterprise-class nearline workloads, with HDD capacities of up to 8TB and a choice of SATA or SAS interfaces. These machines are ideal for RAID arrays, high-reliability cloud storage, and high-performance computing.
  • NAS storage servers. Our NAS servers provide low-cost bulk storage for moderate workloads, balancing high capacity and performance with support for Areca's PCI based RAID adapters.

Why Thinkmate is your #1 source for servers and storage

Thinkmate provides RAID technology and other servers and storage solutions that can be 100% customized to the needs of your environment. A world-class configurator makes it easy to price, compare, build and order a RAID 10 server or any other RAID device.

Additionally, Thinkmate solutions offer:

  • Exceptional reliability thanks to detailed reliability records and our stress testing protocols.
  • A 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.
  • Customer service that always connects you to a live person – not a robot – via phone, chat or email.
  • Highly competitive pricing thanks to our strong relationships with the same direct suppliers who provide parts for our big-name competitors.
  • Equipment that is made in the USA at our state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is a RAID 10 server?

What is a RAID 10 server?

A RAID 10 server is a data storage solution that uses RAID (a redundant array of independent disks) technology to achieve higher levels of performance as well as redundancy. A RAID 10 server combines the mirroring of a RAID 1 server (which provides maximum redundancy) with the striping of a RAID 0 server (which provides maximum performance).

What are the advantages of a RAID 10 server?

A RAID 10 server simultaneously provides speed and resiliency in a relatively simple and inexpensive solution. A RAID 10 server is somewhat more expensive than other RAID configurations, as half of the total capacity of all disk drives are used to mirror data.

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