RAID 1 Server

Enhance fault tolerance with a RAID 1 server

A RAID 1 server provides a simple, cost-effective solution for significantly improving fault tolerance in data centers. RAID 1 is a configuration where duplicate sets of all data are maintained on separate disk drives, providing higher data availability for environments where absolute data redundancy, availability, and performance are key. Because the usable capacity of a RAID 1 server configuration is 50% of the available drives, this RAID storage solution is best used when cost per usable gigabyte of capacity is less important than the availability of data.

When you need leading-edge technology for RAID file server options, Thinkmate provides server, storage, and workstation solutions that can be 100% custom configured to meet the needs of any organization.

The basics of a RAID 1 configuration

RAID stands for a redundant array of independent disks, a storage virtualization technology that combines two or more drives to create a single logical unit and to increase the performance, availability, redundancy, and capacity of data storage.

RAID arrays can be configured in a variety of ways to achieve different objectives. A RAID 0 server, for example, focuses on maximizing performance by using a striping technique to write data in blocks across multiple servers, enabling faster reads and writes.

A RAID 1 server uses mirroring – where the data on one disk is mirrored to one or more other drives – to provide high levels of redundancy and fault tolerance. Because one drive is completely dedicated to mirroring another, the usable capacity of a RAID 1 server configuration is 50% of the available drives in the array.

A RAID 5 server uses striping with parity, a technique for calculating data integrity to improve redundancy and reliability. And a RAID 6 server uses double parity to provide increased protection against disk failure.

A RAID 1 server from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a leading provider of custom computer equipment and custom-configured workstations, servers, and storage solutions for more than 25 years. Providing our customers with deep technical knowledge across a broad range of products and industries, we serve as a single source for advice, consultation, support, and leading-edge computer technologies.

When building an array with a RAID 1 server, Thinkmate customers can choose from a range of storage technologies, including:

  • JBOD storage drives that offer dependable, high-capacity storage for RAID or JBOD expansion.
  • NAS capacity-optimized storage solutions that deliver low-cost bulk storage and support for Areca's PCI based RAID adapters.
  • Nearline storage servers that deliver predictable and reliable performance for RAID arrays, high-performance computing, and high-reliability cloud storage.

Configuring your RAID 1 server is easy

When you choose Thinkmate for your RAID 1 server, you'll find the experience of pricing, building, ordering, and purchasing your RAID technology to be unmatched in the industry. Our online system configurator provides more customizable options than any other system builder on the web, and our solution architects are always standing by to help you configure the ideal custom RAID 1 server for your purposes.

With a Thinkmate storage solution, you'll have the option of customizing virtually every aspect, from its form factor, number of processors and drive bays to the maximum RAM, memory, type of drives, controller cards, network cards, operating system and more. You can make your choices from an easy-to-read list of options, with prices clearly marked. Once you have completed your configuration, you can request a review by our expert technologists who can help you ensure you have configured a machine that's right for your environment.

Thinkmate delivers superior RAID technology

When provisioning RAID technology, customers choose Thinkmate equipment because they know they can count on:

  • Complete customizability. Every Thinkmate machine can be 100% customized to meet the requirements of any computing environment.
  • Outstanding reliability and a 3-year warranty. Our detailed reliability records and stress-testing protocols enable us to provide an industry-leading 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.
  • Exceptional service. You'll always reach a live person when you contact us by phone, email or chat, and everyone in our company is dedicated to helping our customers find what they need quickly and successfully.
  • Remarkable value. Our highly competitive pricing is the result of our strong relationships with direct suppliers – the same companies that supply the big-name manufacturers – enabling us to provide machines at a cost that meets or beats our competitors' prices.
  • USA-made equipment. Thinkmate solutions are made in the USA in our own state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is a RAID 1 server?

What is a RAID 1 server?

A RAID 1 server is a disk storage solution using RAID (redundant array of independent disks) mirroring technology, where the contents of one disk drive are mirrored on another to improve redundancy.

What are the benefits of a RAID 1 server?

Because it mirrors the contents of an entire disk drive onto another disk, a RAID 1 server offers enhanced data protection for environments where redundancy, availability, and performance are key. A RAID 1 server is somewhat more costly than other RAID configurations, as the usable capacity is 50% of the number of available disks.

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