Rackmount Solutions

With the wide adoption of cloud, virtual, and high performance computing, demand for server rackmount solutions optimized to support these computing models is ever increasing. Server vendors to remain competitive must keep up with the latest rack server technologies and customer requirements. Thinkmate is a market-leading supplier of rack mounted servers, providing its customers with state-of-art systems and exceptional service.

Full Range of Rackmount Solutions from Thinkmate

As a full range rack solutions vendor, Thinkmate offers a large number of rack server configurations that can run most applications in SMEs, large enterprises, and research and scientific organizations. Thinkmate’s extensive RAX range of rackmount solutions are ideal for small and medium sized businesses as well as large enterprises where RAX servers can be used as scalable building blocks for larger applications.

For data centers that have space constraints or are reaching the limits of available physical space, Thinkmate’s high density servers are viable rackmount solutions for mitigating real estate limitations. Thinkmate’s HDX range of high density servers offer multiple server nodes in a 1U, 2U, or 3U form factor. These server nodes are hot-swappable for easy maintenance and future upgrades. HDX servers are ideal for high performance, cloud, and virtual computing.

Thinkmate is a reseller of Supermicro products and offers Supermicro’s high density, blade, and storage rackmount solutions. Supermicro 1U server SuperServer® solutions offer a single server node with up to four CPUs in a 1U chassis. Increasing the compute density further, the Supermicro 1U Twin Server configuration offers two server nodes with dual CPUs per node in a 1U chassis. The Supermicro 2U twin also has two server nodes with dual CPUs per node but has more capacity for drives in a 2U chassis. If four server nodes with dual CPUs per node are needed in a 2U chassis, the Supermicro 2U Twin2® servers make available this configuration. All server nodes in the 2U Twin and Twin2® configurations are hot-swappable.

Supermicro’s SuperBlade® rackmount solutions offer a compelling range of blade servers that fit into standard 42U racks. SuperBlade solutions include OfficeBlade®, DataCenterBlade®, and TwinBlade® configurations. OfficeBlade is optimized for small and medium businesses, and personal high performance applications. It supports up to 1440 cores per 42U rack. DataCenterBlade is optimized for data center high performance computing. It supports up to 2352 processing cores per 42U rack. TwinBlade has the highest compute density in the SuperBlade range. It supports 2880 cores per 42U rack.

Rackmount solutions for storage from Thinkmate include Thinkmate’s STX storage servers and Supermicro SuperStorage servers. STX storage servers are optimized for cloud bulk storage, nearline reliable storage, and enterprise mission-critical storage. Supermicro SuperStorage servers feature Double-Sided Storage® architecture where drives are stacked and packed in the front and rear of server chassis for ultimate storage density. SuperStorage servers also feature storage acceleration using solid-state drives in conjunction with hard drives. Hardware RAID controllers can utilize a small pool of solid-state drives as an I/O acceleration tier over hard drives or as an embedded intelligent cache.

Advantages of Buying Rackmount Solutions from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is an industry-leading supplier of rack solutions with over 20 years’ of experience configuring and selling servers to business and scientific organizations. Being a premier technology partner with Supermicro, Thinkmate is always first-to-market with the latest Supermicro rackmount solutions. Each server purchased from Thinkmate comes with a 3-year warranty with advance parts supply and 24-hour customer support to reduce or eliminate down time altogether. When you configure and purchase a server from Thinkmate, you can be confident that you are getting the best server and customer service in the industry.

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