Rack Server

Due to the rapid evolution of computing technology and demands for greater performance and capacity despite limited budgets, many IT professionals find shopping for a rack server challenging and time-consuming. Features that make rack servers such attractive and versatile products—namely flexible configurations and the availability of many new capabilities—complicate the purchasing process.

Accommodating your budget, your current application requirements, and your company’s unique IT challenges while preparing for an uncertain future isn’t easy. Finding a cost-effective rack server solution and building a future-proof infrastructure requires access to not only cutting-edge technology—at affordable prices—but also the expert support you need to make the best decision for your environment.

Points to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Rack Server

In procuring a rack mount server, most organizations will start by looking at the requirements of their specific applications, determining which components and capabilities are most essential for their workloads. Ultimately, deciding on the best rack server product will necessitate an assessment of your particular IT priorities, such as the need to conserve space or reduce energy consumption. As you shop for your next rackmount server, here are some key server characteristics you may want to keep in mind:

  • Processor/GPU support. Will your workloads benefit from a high-core-count CPU like the Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v3 series of processors? Or will your applications benefit more from the massive parallel processing capabilities of a GPU-integrated rack server?
  • Local storage capabilities. Do your workflows require the higher capacity of a SATA/SAS hard drive or the speed of a SAS 12Gbps SSD? Should you invest in high-performance storage options like NVMe storage devices or Fusion-io flash memory platforms?
  • Redundancy and resilience. If your rack server will be used for mission-critical tasks, should you opt for redundant power supplies, hot-swappable server nodes, and other components that minimize downtime and help facilitate failover and efficient recovery?

Rack Server Solutions from Thinkmate

At Thinkmate, a leader in the server solutions industry for over two decades, we are dedicated to our long-time clients as well as our prospective customers, striving to provide the highest quality products and best service in the industry. We configure an extensive selection of custom rack server solutions including high-density and GPU rack systems for HPC environments—systems offering offer the perfect balance of performance, density, and energy efficiency. We also carry a wide range of innovative, first-to-market Supermicro servers such as the MicroCloud SuperServer solution, which is optimized for cloud computing and hyperscale data centers. Just give us a call, and our expert solution architects can assist you in selecting and customizing the right platform for your needs.

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