Rack Mount Servers

Despite recent trends favoring the development of blade server-filled data centers, rack mount servers remain a popular choice among IT professionals, particularly those handling challenging enterprise workloads in virtual environments. Many IT managers find that the onboard storage capacity, configuration flexibility, and affordability of rack mount servers outweigh the benefits of the blade servers.

Although rack mount servers and blade servers perform the same functions using similar hardware, there are crucial differences between the two; and choosing the wrong server for your applications can result in costly, long-term consequences. Recognizing the need for more nuanced solutions that make purchasing the right server easier, Thinkmate builds and ships a variety of innovative products that help bridge the gap between rack mount and blade server form factors—solutions that provide the best of both worlds.

Blade Servers vs. Rack Mount Servers

Blade servers are simplified servers that are slotted into a common chassis with shared power, cooling, storage, and networking infrastructure. In this way, blade servers are designed to maximize compute density and reduce energy consumption through the elimination of redundant internal hardware. It is the shared backplane however, that represents a possible single point of failure, one of the disadvantages of the form factor—in addition to the high initial cost and labor-intensive configuration associated with blades.

Rack mount servers, on the other hand, cost less and offer enhanced design flexibility. Each rack server operates independently, and installation and replacement of rack mount servers is simple and easy. With rack servers, there’s no need to power down for certain tasks, an inconvenience cited by blade users. Rack mount servers also provide greater expandability, giving you more bays for internal storage and more expansion slots for network and storage adapters.

High-Density, Energy-Efficient Rack Mount Servers from Thinkmate and Supermicro

At Thinkmate, our product selection is driven not only by our customers’ needs but by our dedication to computing innovation and providing our customers with industry-leading, first-to-market solutions. We configure and ship our own line of 100% customizable rack mount servers as well as a wide range of application-optimized Supermicro SuperServer products that offer the high density and energy efficiency of a blade server in a cost-effective rackmount form factor.

The Supermicro MicroCloud server system, for example, gives users the excellent expansion capabilities characteristic of a top-of-the-line rack mount server plus:

  • Superior density: Packs up to 24 nodes in a compact 3U server chassis that is less than 30 inches deep, letting you save over 76% of rack space when compared to a conventional 1U
  • Remarkable energy efficiency: Lowers energy usage through the use of high-efficiency power supplies, sophisticated cooling zone controls, and shared power and cooling resources
  • Excellent serviceability: Simplifies setup, deployment, and maintenance through a modular, easily serviceable form factor and cable-less, hot-swappable server nodes

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