Rack Mount Server

A rack mount server can be a strategic asset used to create reliable, versatile computing infrastructures in the data center—as long as you choose the best systems for your applications and usage environment. Rack servers are generally affordable and easy to set up and maintain. But with the plethora of products and new technologies on the market today, purchasing a rack mount server can be difficult. The right rack mount system will offer you the flexibility, capacity, and performance you need to support your primary workloads and accommodate changes in your applications, your data center, or your business strategy.

Purchasing a Rack Mount Server: Finding the Best System for Your Needs

In shopping for a rack mount server, most organizations will be guided by the requirements of their applications and the demands of the business. Striving to make the most of constrained budgets and limited space in the data center, many IT managers will be concerned about the initial cost, overall power consumption, and physical footprint of the rack mount server. Ideally, you’ll want to find an energy-efficient rackmount system that offers the best balance of the processing, storage, and networking capabilities your current workloads require and the scalability a future proof solution necessitates. Some rack server characteristics that you may want to consider include:

  • Support for the series and core count of processor, number and type of local storage drives, type of memory, and network connectivity most appropriate for your applications
  • Expansion slots for any RAID controllers, additional network ports, storage area network (SAN) adapters, and other enhancements you may need now or in the future
  • Use of redundant, hot-swappable components that improve availability and enable faster recovery upon failure—a must for mission-critical environments

A Flexible, Powerful 1U Rack Mount Server Solution from Thinkmate

A compact 1U rack server can be a powerful yet cost-effective computing platform for everyday business tasks or a great solution for building versatility into a fast-growing data center. Our basic 1U rack mount servers are available in a variety of configurations and feature hot-swap drives and redundant power supplies. Choose from a wide range of CPUs (in single, dual, or quad socket arrangements), onboard storage media, optional controller cards (including Fusion-io and NVMe storage devices), and network connectivity options; and, get your next rack mount server configured by our experts according to your exact specifications.

At Thinkmate, a leader in the custom server solutions industry for over two decades, we build and ship an extensive selection of energy-efficient rack mount server products and first-to-market Supermicro SuperServer solutions integrating the latest computing technologies and green computing innovation. All of our Supermicro servers and Thinkmate solutions can be customized and purchased via our convenient online system configurator. Or give us a call—and our knowledgeable solution architects can help you find the right platform for your particular needs.

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