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As the rack mount versus blade debate continues among IT professionals, many organizations find themselves weighing the pros and cons of the two server platforms, trying to assess the costs and benefits of systems that essentially perform the same functions. Part of the difficulty in deciding between rack mount servers and blade servers results from the evolving nature of the data center, of applications, and of computing technologies in general. With so many factors in flux, selecting a platform suitable for both today’s and tomorrow’s application requirements can be challenging.

We know that choosing the wrong server for your infrastructure may result in unnecessary frustration and significant losses of time and money. That’s why we, at Thinkmate, provide our customers with not only the widest selection of customizable rack mount servers—and first-to-market server solutions from Super Micro— but the information and advice they need to make the right choice for their particular environment.

Rack Mount or Blade: Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Next Server Platform

In recent years, blade servers have garnered a lot of attention, offering significant benefits for large-scale data centers. Because of their simplified architecture and power efficiency, blade server solutions are typically deployed by enterprises to conserve space in the data center and help lower energy costs. Featuring centralized management consoles, blade servers are also touted for their high density and enhanced serviceability in comparison to conventional rack mount systems.

At the same time, the traditional rackmount server remains the preferred choice of many IT professionals because of its simplicity and affordability. A rack server is easier to install and rapidly deploy; and, maintenance is less complicated. With faster access to cutting-edge technologies and support for more expansion slots, rack mount systems also offer greater flexibility in terms of networking and storage options, allowing you to customize and upgrade your server hardware in accordance with your current needs and future expectations.

A Better Rack Mount: Resource-Optimized Twin Server Solutions from Supermicro

Rack mount servers are not without their disadvantages, of course, namely their increased power consumption and larger size. For organizations that want to avoid the high installation cost, local storage limitations, and/or vendor lock-in associated with blade platforms, Supermicro has developed an innovative series of cost-effective server solutions that remedy the drawbacks of the rack mount.

Offering the high density and energy efficiency of a blade platform in a flexible, easy-to-deploy form factor, the Supermicro Twin server is an excellent solution for enterprise, HPC, and cloud data centers. The high-performance Supermicro Twin Pro solution features:

  • Supermicro’s patented 2U twin architecture for superior resource optimization and space savings
  • Built-in 12 Gb/s SAS 3.0 controllers and NVMe support for accelerated storage performance
  • Optional onboard 10-Gigabit Ethernet or 56 Gb/s FDR Infiniband for maximum network bandwidth
  • Airflow-optimized chassis designs and high-efficiency PSUs for reduced energy consumption

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