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When you need a silent desktop PC for noise-sensitive workspaces, Thinkmate VSX Workstations offer a broad range of quiet PC solutions with a new fourth-generation design that features a dual-chamber chassis and ultra-quiet power supplies, striking a careful balance between leading-edge performance and ultra-quiet operation. Witha 3-year warranty, unmatched customer service, and the ability to configure a quiet PC to your exact requirements, it all adds up to the best server buying experience will find.

Suppressing noise in a quiet PC

Quiet PCs are built with components that address the major sources of noise in computing devices.

  • Fans. Fans are perhaps the largest source of noise in computers. CPUs, video cards and the computer chassis typically all have fans used to dissipate the heat generated by a variety of components. The quiet PC can reduce noise from fans by using components that generate less heat and electricity, therefore requiring less cooling, and by using fans designed to produce less noise. Using heatsinks can help to cool components without the noise of a spinning fan blade.
  • Power supplies. The electrical coils in power supplies can produce an audible electrical whine. A silent power PC may include technology that can reduce this hum and soundproofing materials that dampen it.
  • Hard disk drives. Hard disk drives use spinning platters to read and write data, and the vibration and friction from these moving parts can produce an audible hum. Solid-state drives can replace hard disk drives to eliminate this noise.
  • Air turbulence. As air flows through the chassis of a computer, noise can be generated as it passes over components and cabling. Ensuring that components and cabling are neatly organized and kept away from the flow of air can help to minimize noise.

Thinkmate provides superior quiet PC products

Thinkmate has been providing customers with custom workstations, servers, and storage solutions for more than 25 years. Our commitment to superior customer service and cutting-edge technology has enabled us to maintain our reputation as a premier provider of white box server solutions.

Our VSX line of quiet PC workstations features a range of options, including a choice of 1-2 GPUs, 6-8 drive bays, 1-2 processors, and maximum RAM up to 2 TB. Our online configurator – one of the best in the business – enables you to quickly and easily customize your quiet PC for your exact performance requirements for 100% customizability. And we offer a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, or the option to upgrade to a 5-year warranty with advanced parts replacement or next business day on-site service to help you ensure business continuity.

Elements of Thinkmate's quiet PC solutions

At Thinkmate, our quiet PCs are built with:

  • Solid-state drives that minimize vibration (as they have no moving platters) and require no extra cooling, or hard disk drives that are limited to 7200 RPM to minimize vibration in the chassis.
  • Ultra-quiet power supplies with an intelligent fan speed system for minimizing fan noise, a high-efficiency design that reduces electricity usage to generate less heat, and flat, low-profile cables that allow for increased airflow for improved silent PC cooling.
  • A dual-chamber chassis that uses three-layer wall construction with soundproofing insulation to maximize sound absorption, and that reduces heat and noise by increasing airflow efficiency and by isolating the power supply from the other system components.

You can configure your quiet PC online through our online quoting and ordering system that features more customizable options than any other system builder on the web. And if you can't find the exact configuration you're seeking, simply contact our expert solution architects for help in assembling your completely silent PC.

Advantages of a quiet PC from Thinkmate

The benefits of ordering a silent desktop computer from Thinkmate include:

  • High-quality products – every Thinkmate machine goes through an extensive quality control and testing process to ensure functionality, efficiency, and quality for our customers.
  • Highly competitive prices – because we have the same direct relationships with suppliers as the big manufacturers, we can offer the best quiet PC products at prices that are as good or better.
  • Remarkable reliability – we stress-test our products in the harshest environments and have the detailed reliability records to prove it.
  • Made-in-the-USA equipment – every quiet PC from Thinkmate is constructed in our own state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts.
  • A commitment to extraordinary customer service – a company-wide focus on delivering value for our customers enables us to take customer service to a new level.

FAQs: What is a quiet PC?

What is a quiet PC?

A quiet PC is a computer that makes little or no noise during operation.

Where is a quiet PC required?

Quiet PCs are typically used in settings where computer noise is disruptive, such as studios for audio recording or video editing, home theaters, laboratories, engineering studios, and live performance environments. A quiet PC is also used by individuals who are sensitive to excess noise in their environment.

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