PC Workstation

Built for use in demanding environments where precision matters, the PC workstation is transforming modern workflows. Today’s professionals are leveraging the advanced capabilities of workstations to work faster and more intuitively with increasingly large and complex models and ever-expanding data sets. And the demand for innovation in product design, medical research and other fields is driving the rapid adoption of purpose-built workstation solutions, or systems that have been configured to accelerate tasks like ray tracing and financial modeling. More and more users are discovering that in mission-critical situations the right PC workstation can make all the difference.

The PC Workstation Advantage: Engineered for Superior Performance and Reliability

In order to meet the performance and reliability requirements of graphics- and compute-intensive applications, the PC workstation is equipped with robust hardware and offers a more powerful processor, more memory and storage capacity, and substantially better graphics capabilities than a desktop. A well-built high-performance workstation computer will include the following key components:

  • Powerful multi-core CPUs such as the AMD Opteron™ series or the Intel® Xeon® series of premier PC workstation processors, which feature low-latency cache buses, Intel® vPro™ technology, and ECC (Error-Correcting Code) memory.
  • Enterprise-class solid-state drives, or SSDs, which are not only exceptionally quiet and energy-efficient but also offer a higher average bandwidth than mechanical drives—a must for the heavy-duty CAD workstation.
  • Professional graphics processing units, such as the NVIDIA® Quadro® brand of GPUs incorporating hardware and drivers certified to optimize the performance of a wide range of design and engineering applications.

Maximizing Your ROI in PC Workstation Purchasing

To maximize the return on your PC workstation investment, you will want to purchase a system that is designed for your primary workflows and data—a workload-optimized platform that provides you with exactly the components you need and nothing inessential. In addition to checking compatibility among system components, you may want to consider whether your workloads will benefit from multiple processing cores, ECC memory technology, or GPU computing. Most buyers will start by consulting the suggested hardware configuration provided by their software’s developer.

100% Customizable PC Workstation Solutions for Demanding Professionals

One of the challenges of buying a PC workstation is trying to achieve the right balance of today’s technologies while anticipating and preparing for your future needs. At Thinkmate, a workstation and server solutions provider trusted by the world's top companies and scientific institutions, our specialists are ready to assist you in selecting and customizing the best system for your current applications and future usage scenarios.

Access our online configuration and ordering system – the most advanced in the industry — and you’ll find detailed information about all of our computer workstation solutions. If you’re debating between configurations or searching for a particular component, give us a call and we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

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