Own NAS Server

Building your own NAS server

When you need a data storage solution with easy scale-capacity to manage growing volumes of unstructured data, building your own NAS server could be the answer. A network-attached storage server, or NAS server, provides a low-cost storage solution that is easy to install, manage and scale – adding capacity is as simple as connecting additional servers to the network. And because a home built NAS server offers exceptional cost-per-gigabytes storage, a NAS system provides optimal capacity and resource utilization.

When you're ready to build your own NAS system, Thinkmate is your go to source for a wide range of network-attached server devices that can be 100% customized to your needs, allowing you to configure your own NAS server to perfectly meet the requirements of your storage environment.

Advantages of a NAS server

A NAS server is a dedicated file storage device that allows multiple users and client devices to store and retrieve files in a central location. Constructing your own NAS server storage solution offers a number of key advantages over other storage architecture and over turnkey NAS systems.

  • Easy scalability. Because adding additional capacity to your NAS system is easy and straightforward, you can start with a small NAS server and add additional devices as your storage needs grow.
  • Affordable storage. Building your own NAS server system is a highly cost-effective solution for managing business data, as NAS servers are less expensive than other types of storage, and a DYI system will help save money over turnkey systems.
  • Greater performance. NAS servers take the responsibility for file-serving off of other servers, enabling those devices to process other workloads that can improve overall system performance.
  • Simple administration. A NAS server is connected to the network through an ethernet connection, making it easy to install and set up a NAS system with minimal IT expertise.

Source your own NAS server with Thinkmate

Thinkmate provides servers, storage, and workstation solutions to customers in business, education, and government. With a 25-year track record for highly reliable and highly customized computer equipment, Thinkmate is the go-to source for cutting-edge technology that delivers superior ROI and a lower cost of ownership.

When you're ready to buy NAS server technology or configure your own NAS server system, Thinkmate's STX-NS storage solutions provide a family of NAS servers that can be completely customized for your needs. These machines represent the ideal balance of high-capacity and high-performance, supporting a variety of workloads such as filesharing, web content storage, email archiving, replicated data environments, content delivery networks (CDNs) and 24 X7 cloud data centers.

A NAS server from Thinkmate is optimized for bulk storage of unstructured data and offers form factors from 1U to 4U, with 1-2 processors and 12-72 drive bays. Additional features include:

  • File-sharing for clients across composite OS platforms.
  • Multiple choices/implementations of high-availability options.
  • Exceptional file transfer rates for high-speed video editing for all types of protocols, including NFS, AFP, SMB/CIFS, FTP, and iSCSI/FC.
  • An enhanced feature set that helps to lower cost-per-gigabyte.
  • Support for server and storage virtualization.
  • NAS's intuitive web GUI.
  • Support for all of Areca's PCI-based RAID adapters: 12xx, 1883, and 1884/12GB SAS3 series.

How to build your own NAS server

Building your own NAS server with Thinkmate is easy, thanks to our world-class configurator that offers more customizable options than any other system builder on the web. To start your build, choose a base model based on your preferred form factor – from 1U to 4U – and then choose your components from a wide range of options. You'll have a variety of choices for processors, memory cards, storage drives, network cards, and software, and your machine is covered by a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement at no cost, which can be upgraded to a 5-year warranty with next business day service on-site.

As you're configuring your own NAS server, you'll see prices for every component as well as the total cost of your configured server at the top of the page. This transparency in cost eliminates the mystery of pricing out your own NAS server and allows you to configure your machine with clear insight into the cost of your selections as compared to your budget.

Why configure your own NAS server with Thinkmate?

At Thinkmate, we've been providing custom servers, storage solutions, and workstations since 1986. Customers choose Thinkmate computers because they trust the deep expertise of our knowledgeable technicians, the quality of our components, and the exceptional reliability of our machines.

As you build your own NAS server, you'll be happy to know that our prices are on par with or better than our competitors, thanks to the strong relationships we have with direct suppliers. And every Thinkmate machine is built in the USA in our state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.

FAQs: Can you build your own NAS server?

Can you build your own NAS server?

Yes. While it's possible to construct your own NAS server from scratch, the easiest way to build your own NAS server is to work with a systems provider that will let you completely configure your own NAS server by choosing all of the individual components based on the needs of your storage and computing environment.

What are the advantages of building your own NAS server?

Building your own NAS server enables you to source equipment that is ideally suited to your storage environment. Configuring your own NAS server can also help you save money, as a customized solution lets you include and pay only for the features that you need, rather than buying a turnkey system that may offer unnecessary features and capacity.

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