Office Workstations

While desktop PCs may be adequate for running standard office productivity software such as word processors and spreadsheets, office workstations are designed to support graphics- and compute-intensive professional applications including CAD, video editing, and financial or geospatial modeling programs.

Office workstations are engineered to outperform and outlast desktop PCs when handling complex tasks and massive data sets. Equipped with more robust components, greater computing power and expansion capabilities, office workstations are appropriate for use in today’s most demanding workplaces. And because workstations feature better warranties and after-sale support than consumer-grade systems, they’re a smart investment for organizations that want to improve both system reliability and user productivity.

Office Workstations: The Optimal Choice for Professional Applications

Whether your primary workflow is digital content creation or compute-intensive analytics and modeling, office workstations can supply you with the platform necessary for taking advantage of the latest software and tools driving your industry—allowing you to work faster and more intuitively. In addition to high-end CPUs and reliability-enhancing features like ECC memory, office workstations typically offer a discrete graphics processing unit, or GPU, and support multiple GPUs so that users can leverage the power of GPU computing. For example, one of the defining features of a CAD workstation is the inclusion of a professional GPU—exemplified by the NVIDIA® Quadro® series. Many of these high-end cards are certified to work with specific design, animation and video applications and enable:

  • Seamless image display in multi-monitor arrangements
  • Accelerated rendering and manipulation of complex graphics
  • Greater computational data integrity and accuracy

Thinkmate Office Workstations: Powerful, Reliable, 100% Customizable

To maximize your return on software and hardware investment, you’ll want to procure an office workstation that is optimized for your primary applications and usage scenarios—a system that includes the technologies you require now plus the expandability options you’ll need tomorrow.

At Thinkmate, we understand that you have unique requirements for your workstation computer; so we’ve made it easy for you to configure and order the workstation most suited to your specific workflows and budget via our convenient online ordering system. There you can explore our entire line of office workstations—ranging from noiseless entry-level systems to supercomputing workhorses—and select and review each and every component that we build into your next workstation PC. Our system customization experts are standing by to answer your questions or offer technical advice.

In order to ensure the superior performance and reliability of our workstation products, we maintain strict quality control standards for system components and test our systems thoroughly before shipment. All of our office workstations come with our unified three-year warranty, providing our customers in mission-critical situations with added peace of mind. The combination of quality components and quality service has made Thinkmate the custom computer provider of choice for many of the world’s leading businesses and academic institutions.

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