Office Workstation

In today’s ultracompetitive marketplace, organizations are under pressure to process and analyze increasingly large and complex stores of data and to constantly develop and release new products and services. Incorporating robust hardware and unique technologies, the office workstation gives users a powerful tool to respond to this demand for continuous, rapid innovation and productivity. With the right computer workstation at hand, designers, content creators, engineers and other professionals are able to create, innovate and iterate more efficiently and intuitively. By enabling users to leverage the full capabilities of their applications, office workstations are dramatically transforming modern workflows.

Do it Better and Faster with an Office Workstation from Thinkmate

Although the technologies found in consumer desktops have improved in recent years—blurring the distinction between mainstream PCs and workstations—the purpose-built office workstation remains the best platform for running graphics- and/or compute-intensive professional applications. A workstation PC from Thinkmate is designed to work 24/7 under heavy load in demanding environments. When speed, accuracy and stability are critical for your workloads, the office workstation offers you the performance and reliability you need to explore more possibilities, envision better solutions, and come up with definitive answers faster.

Some of the many productivity-boosting features of the office workstation include:
  • Customizability. By working with a reputable custom computer builder like Thinkmate, you can customize your system to meet the specific technical requirements of your primary applications and workflows.
  • Power and reliability. Most workstations come standard with multi-core processors and support for ECC memory, which automatically detects and corrects common types of data corruption.
  • Superior graphics processing. An office workstation may include one or more high-end GPUs, graphics processing units designed to accelerate CAD, engineering and other professional apps.
  • Expandability. Workstations are designed to make it easy to add or upgrade components so that users can make the most of their software and hardware investments now and in the future.

Thinkmate’s Office Workstation Solutions: The Most Reliable Systems in the Industry

An office workstation can be a foundation for productivity, but only if it’s up and running when you need it most. That’s why, at Thinkmate, we’ve dedicated ourselves to building, testing, and providing our customers with the most reliable systems in the industry.

We work hard to design balanced workstation solutions configured with only the highest quality components—components that have been carefully considered by our engineers before making them available to you. Whether it’s an entry-level system for basic CAD or a high-performance GPU workstation for geoscience, each and every Thinkmate office workstation is built in our state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facility in Norwood, Massachusetts and ships with our award-winning 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.

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