NVMe Storage Server

Increase performance with an NVMe storage server

As enterprises seek technology to manage the explosive growth in data more efficiently, many IT teams are turning to technology that uses the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol. An NVMe storage server can deliver exceptional performance and reduce latency in highly demanding and compute-intensive data ecosystems. Accelerating the transfer of data between enterprise and client systems and solid-state drives (SSDs) over a PCIe bus, NVMe storage servers are increasingly used to deliver more efficient storage for AI and other applications.

As a world-class provider of cutting-edge storage, server and workstation solutions, Thinkmate provides a broad range of NVMe storage servers that can be custom configured to meet the needs of any data center or computing environment.

The benefits of the NVMe protocol

NVMe is a storage access and transport protocol for next-generation solid-state drives that provides the highest throughput and fastest response times for enterprise workloads. The NVMe protocol accesses flash storage using a PCIe bus that supports tens of thousands of parallel command queues. As a result, an NVMe storage server is far faster than hard drives and traditional all-flash architectures that are limited to one command queue.

Benefits of an NVMe storage server include:

  • Greater speed and lower latency. NVMe drives deliver up to 4X better IOPS than the fastest SAS option and up to 7X improvements in latency.
  • Industry-standard security. The NVMe command set supports security container commands similar to the commands found in the SCSI and ATA/ACS command sets, allowing NVMe-based drives to support industry-standard security solutions.
  • Low-power features. An NVMe storage server uses very little power in standby mode, helping to reduce the cost of power consumption.

NVMe storage servers from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a leading provider of custom-built computing equipment since 1986. Our superior customer service, leading-edge technology, and highly competitive pricing have made us a reliable source for equipment and expertise for customers in business, government, education and the high-performance computing markets.

We offer an array of Supermicro servers that feature NVMe SSD drives. In addition to improving performance and reducing latency, these NVMe storage servers enable hot-swap support for easy increase of storage capacity through the addition of SSDs, for the replacement of existing SSDs with higher capacity units, or for replacement of failed drives while the server is still in operation. Supermicro servers feature U.2 NVMe 2.5 inch drives or M.2 drives.

In addition to NVMe storage servers, you'll find a broad variety of custom workstations, server and storage solutions at Thinkmate. From GPU-accelerated solutions like the NVIDIA HGX-2 platform built for AI and deep learning applications to GPU-optimized servers built with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs to virtual GPU technology and virtual vSAN server options, Thinkmate delivers leading-edge equipment that enables customers to meet the challenges of managing a modern data center and running computationally intensive applications.

Configure your own NVMe storage server

Configuring and costing out an NVMe storage server at Thinkmate takes just a few minutes. You can begin by selecting from our many Supermicro products, narrowing your choice by filtering for the type of coprocessor, platform or form factor or by the number of CPU sockets, expansion slots, drives, and maximum RAM. Once you have a base model, you can customize all the components, including processors, U.2 NVMe drives, hard drives, controller cards, network cards, PCIe storage cards, operating systems, software and warranty. As you build your machine, the cost or savings that each selection represents is shown next to each item, and you'll see a total price of the top of the page that lets you configure your server with your budget in mind.

Make Thinkmate your #1 source for NVMe storage servers

As a leading provider of custom servers, Thinkmate offers:

  • Complete customization. We build every machine to meet the unique needs of our customers.
  • Outstanding customer service. You can always connect to a live person, not a robot, when you contact us by phone or chat for answers to questions, resolution of issues, or help with configuration.
  • Exceptional reliability. Our hard-earned reputation for reliability is built on our detailed reliability records and our rigorous stress-testing protocols.
  • 3-year warranty. Every Thinkmate machine comes with a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.
  • Made-in-the-USA equipment. Our machines are built in our own facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Competitive prices. Thanks to our direct relationships with suppliers, the prices of our machines are on par with or lower than our large-scale competitors.

FAQs: What is an NVMe storage server?

What is an NVMe storage server?

An NVMe storage server is a server configured with NVMe drives. NVMe is an interface specification developed for PCIe-based SSDs that delivers high performance, low latency, increased scalability, and security.

What is a hot-swappable NVMe storage server?

A hot-swappable NVMe server enables NVMe drives to be removed and replaced while the server is still in operation.

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