NVIDIA Tesla Certified Servers

Increase performance with NVIDIA Tesla certified servers

The NVIDIA Tesla family of products offers the world's most advanced data center GPUs, accelerating the most demanding HPC and hyperscale data center workloads to process petabytes of data with speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than traditional CPUs can deliver. With a Tesla GPU, data scientists and researchers can access the horsepower they need to run bigger simulations faster than ever before and to achieve the highest performance and user density for virtual desktops, workstations, and applications.

Thinkmate provides NVIDIA Tesla certified servers from Supermicro that offer breakthrough parallel processing performance, superior reliability, and excellent efficiency for AI, HPC, and mission-critical applications.

The power of NVIDIA Tesla certified servers

With an NVIDIA Tesla certified server, HPC data centers can accommodate the ever-growing computer demands of AI and deep learning applications, dramatically increasing throughput for workloads while also reducing costs.

NVIDIA Tesla certified servers are equipped with GPUs that include:

  • NVIDIA Tesla V100. The NVIDIA V100 is the most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, high-performance computing, data science and graphics. Powered by NVIDIA Volta architecture, it offers the performance of up to 100 CPUs, enabling data scientists, researchers and engineers to take on challenges that were once unthinkable.
  • NVIDIA Tesla P100. The Tesla P100 delivers a unified platform for accelerating HPC and AI, significantly increasing throughput while reducing expenses. When deployed with NVIDIA NVLink, an NVIDIA Tesla certified server with the P100 delivers up to a 50X performance boost.
  • NVIDIA Tesla T4. This GPU supercharges the world's most trusted mainstream servers to accelerate diverse cloud workloads with revolutionary multi-precision performance. Packaged in an energy-efficient, 70-watt small PCIe form factor, the Tesla T4 supports all AI frameworks and network types.

NVIDIA Tesla certified servers from Thinkmate.

Thinkmate is a leading provider of custom-configured storage, workstation and server solutions, including NVIDIA Tesla certified servers from Supermicro. Every server from Thinkmate is completely customized to meet our customers' unique specifications, and our online quoting and ordering system has more customizable options than any other system builder on the web.

For customers seeking NVIDIA Tesla certified servers, we custom build Supermicro GPU server solutions that offer unparalleled GPU system density, supporting up to 20 GPU's and a 7U form factor while providing industry-leading platinum-level power efficiency.

With NVIDIA Tesla certified servers from Thinkmate, organizations can achieve supercomputing performance at a fraction of the cost of CPU-only servers. Our Supermicro certified servers provide:

  • Application-optimized system designs and easy-to-deploy form factors.
  • Highest performance per watt, thanks to high-efficiency motherboards, advanced thermal management capabilities and Gold Level power supplies
  • Direct GPU connects architecture with non-blocking connectivity for each GPU to ensure maximum bandwidth and to improve availability and airflow.
  • Enterprise-class server management that makes it easy to monitor and manage the health of an NVIDIA Tesla certified server over dedicated LAN.

In addition to NVIDIA Tesla certified servers, we offer NVIDIA GeForce servers and the best workstation GPU configurations for your specific compute needs.

Configuring NVIDIA Tesla certified servers

To configure NVIDIA Tesla certified servers from Thinkmate, start with one of our Supermicro GPU servers and add or subtract components to meet the requirements of your computing environment. You'll have a choice of processors as well as hard drives, server management packages, operating systems, and warranty in addition to your choice of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. The price of each component is clearly marked, enabling you to configure your Tesla server with your budget in mind, and as you add or subtract items, the total configured price at the top of the page will reflect each change to give you a running total of your cost.

At any point during configuration, you can get help from our knowledgeable computer technicians by phone to review your selections, answer questions, and make sure you're getting the right product for your needs. When you're satisfied with the configuration of your NVIDIA Tesla certified server, click Add To Order to begin the checkout process online, or Submit For Review if you'd like our experts to take a final look at your configuration.

Why choose NVIDIA Tesla certified servers from Thinkmate?

Offering a broad range of custom solutions, Thinkmate is the #1 source for servers, storage, and workstation solutions. For more than 25 years, we have focused on building highly reliable systems with quality components at exceptionally competitive prices. We've also focused on building strong relationships with our customers, serving as technical specialists and expert consultants from the configuration of a machine through deployment and ongoing support.

Our NVIDIA Tesla certified servers can be easily customized to your needs, and each machine provides a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, upgradable to a 5-year warranty, and next day business on-site service.

FAQs: What are NVIDIA Tesla certified servers?

What are NVIDIA Tesla certified servers?

NVIDIA Tesla certified servers are computer servers equipped with NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators which have been manufactured by a certified NVIDIA partner.

What are the advantages of NVIDIA Tesla certified servers?

Choosing an NVIDIA Tesla certified server provides confidence that the server is built with the quality the customer requires and that it delivers the performance that the customer demands. NVIDIA Tesla certified servers provide dramatic increases in compute power and data center throughput to handle computationally intensive workloads such as AI, high-performance computing, data science and graphic-intensive applications.

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