Power virtual PCs and apps with an NVIDIA GRID server

Desktop virtualization is the future of enterprise computing, yet many organizations still have difficulty providing a user experience that meets the expectations of today's tech-savvy workforce. NVIDIA GRID® Virtual PC and Virtual Apps enhance virtual desktops and applications, with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs delivering superior performance, exceptional productivity, and greater IT manageability.

Thinkmate provides NVIDIA GRID servers that can be easily customized to your exact specifications, at highly competitive pricing that helps to achieve a lower total cost of ownership for virtualization solutions.

What can an NVIDIA GRID server do?

NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC (GRID vPC) and Virtual Apps (GRID vApps) are virtualization solutions that provide a user experience that's essentially indistinguishable from a native PC. An NVIDIA GRID server powers these solutions, delivering server-side graphics and comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities to future proof VDI environments. Enhancing every virtual machine with the power of GPU acceleration, an NVIDIA GRID server can create an unrivaled user experience while relieving your IT team of the responsibility of managing virtualized desktops and applications.

Deploying an NVIDIA GRID server enables you to:

  • Accelerate every app. Almost every application today is a graphics app and can benefit from GPU acceleration. While traditional desktop and laptop PCs can enhance the performance of these applications with embedded or integrated GPUs, virtual desktops need the power of NVIDIA GRID server to avoid a performance bottleneck that limits scale and compromises the user experience.
  • Deliver a better user experience. Information workers, designers, and engineers today have multiple devices and expect to access their applications on all of them, at any time, with a seamless experience between devices. Multiple 4K resolution monitors and consistent performance are the new standard, and an NVIDIA GRID server can help achieve it.
  • Improve density while increasing user satisfaction. In NVIDIA GRID server lets you deliver GPU acceleration to every virtualized user, supporting up to 32 concurrent users on a single GPU card.

Thinkmate: Your source for NVIDIA GRID servers

Thinkmate is a leading provider of custom-built servers, storage solutions, and workstations, delivering highly reliable equipment with extremely competitive pricing. Our GPU-optimized servers feature Nvidia Tesla certified servers and NVIDIA GRID software to deliver superior virtual desktop infrastructure experience.

Configuring an NVIDIA GRID server with Thinkmate is simple. Start with a base model GPU-optimized server, selecting a form factor from 1U-4U. Then choose individual components from a broad range of options for processors, memory cards, hard drives, solid-state drives, NVMe drives, GPU accelerators, controller cards, network cards operating systems, software and more. The price of every component is right there on the page, making it easy to cost out your NVIDIA GRID server. As you add and subtract components, the total configured price for your machine is displayed at the top of the page, giving you a running total of the cost of your choices.

In addition to an NVIDIA GRID server, we offer NVIDIA GPU server and NVIDIA deep learning server options that come equipped with GPU accelerators including the NVIDIA Tesla V100, Tesla P100 and Tesla T4. We also provide the best workstation GPU configurations for graphics-intensive workloads, with GPU graphics solutions that include NVIDIA GeForce servers and TITAN cards.

Key features of an NVIDIA GRID server

With an NVIDIA GRID server from Thinkmate, you can:

  • Deliver responsive, virtual workspaces that perform like native PCs for every user.
  • Support multiple HD displays and up to two 4K-resolution displays to expand workspaces, enable multitasking, and increase productivity.
  • Optimize video performance and scalability and support the latest video compression standards, including HEVC/H.265 codec.
  • Increase user density by up to 33% while delivering a better user experience.
  • Support the increasingly demanding requirements of modern productivity applications and Windows 10 applications.

Why source your NVIDIA GRID server from Thinkmate?

When you come to Thinkmate for an NVIDIA GRID server, you can count on:

  • Unsurpassed quality delivered through our rigorous quality control and testing protocols.
  • Extremely competitive pricing, thanks to our relationships with direct suppliers that enable us to offer equipment at prices that are on par with or better than our competitors.
  • Exceptional reliability, with detailed reliability records and stress testing protocols.
  • Equipment that's made in the USA, at our state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Superior customer service from a team that is always working hard to ensure you get the products and answers you need.
  • An award-winning, 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement at no cost.

FAQs: What is an NVIDIA GRID server?

What is an NVIDIA GRID server?

In NVIDIA GRID server enables desktop virtualization by powering NVIDIA GRID Virtual PC and NVIDIA GRID Virtual Apps, virtualization technologies that improve virtual desktops and applications for every user by delivering a user experience that is nearly indistinguishable from a native PC.

What are the benefits of an NVIDIA GRID server?

With an NVIDIA GRID server, you can improve the experience of almost any app on a virtualized desktop while eliminating the bottlenecks that limit scale and compromise user experiences. An NVIDIA GRID server enables you to deliver the desktop experience that users expect on multiple devices and across multiple applications. And you can deliver GPU acceleration for every virtualized user, supporting up to 32 concurrent users on a GPU card.

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