Network Storage System

Network storage system technology is evolving to keep pace with changing application environments and business demands. For example, there is market movement toward software-defined network storage solutions that are more open and flexible than traditional appliances and that allow operators to use the server hardware platform of their choice. Another network storage system trend is toward unified systems that simultaneously support network attached storage (NAS) protocols and storage area network (SAN) protocols. A third recent development in network storage system technology is the advent of solutions that are geared specifically toward virtualized environments.

As a leader in providing custom-built compute and storage systems to enterprises, research institutions, and government agencies, Thinkmate has the advanced technologies and the expertise to match you with exactly the right modern network storage system for your needs.

All-Purpose Storage Servers for Running Network Storage System Software

The trend toward software-defined storage (SDS) has freed storage system shoppers to work with the server hardware vendor of their choice. Many major enterprises and public organizations choose Thinkmate, drawn to Thinkmate’s long experience as a custom systems builder and its reputation for dedicated, personalized service. For organizations in need of top-quality hardware platforms on which to run network storage system software, Thinkmate offers it STX family of storage servers:

  • STX-NS storage servers. These capacity-optimized servers are geared toward bulk storage environments such as clustered NAS or building out a cloud storage tier for a cloud server farm.
  • STX-NL storage servers. These systems are tailored toward enterprise class nearline workloads and deliver superior IOPS/TB.
  • STX-EN storage servers. The STX-EN series is built for the most demanding workloads such as online transaction processing (OLTP) and high performance computing (HPC) environments.

These state-of-art platforms for powering network storage system software come in a range of footprints (from server 1u to server 4u) and configurations, are built using the best components from leading brand component makers, and are backed by a 3 year warranty with advance parts replacement.

Ready-Made Network Storage System Solutions

Thinkmate also offers pre-configured network storage system solutions geared toward specific needs and environments:

  • NexentaStor™ unified NAS/SAN systems. These systems provide unified support for file-level NAS storage protocols (NFS, CIFS/SMB) and block-level SAN protocols (iSCSI, Fibre Channel), as well as built-in enterprise functionality such as inline deduplication and data integrity checking.
  • VMware® VSAN Ready systems. These systems are configured specifically to run VMware’s Virtual SAN software, which implements a shared storage tier for VMware-based virtual machines.

Like our STX family of storage servers, NexentaStor systems and VSAN Ready systems from Thinkmate are backed by exceptional customer service and a 3 year warranty with advance parts replacement.

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