Network Storage

Network storage is storage shared by multiple computer systems that access the storage through a network. In multi-user environments, network storage has considerable advantages over direct attached storage (whereby each computer has its own physical storage space that is connected only to that computer). Because it is shared, network storage typically has far greater utilization rates, and far less wasted space, than direct attached storage environments. Because it is centralized, a network storage system is also much easier to manage and maintain than fragmented direct attached storage.

Network Storage Solutions from Thinkmate

For organizations wanting to implement network storage, Thinkmate has a range of high performance, cost-effective solutions including:

  • VSAN Ready systems. VSAN Ready systems are hardware platforms specifically configured to run VMware® Virtual SAN™ software, a network storage solution for VMware-based virtualized environments. Thinkmate offers these systems, which utilize flash as well as hard drives, in a range of configurations some of which support shared storage for up to 400 virtual desktops.
  • NexentaStor systems. These systems from Thinkmate feature NexentaStor™ software, a unified storage solution that supports file-level network attached storage (NAS) protocols as well as block-level storage area network (SAN) protocols. NexentaStor utilizes a ZFS file system and supports enterprise functionality such as inline deduplication, snapshotting, and data integrity checking.
  • Versatile storage servers. Thinkmate offers a wide range of best-in-class storage servers on which you can run the network storage software of your choice—whether it’s NAS or SAN server software, or object storage software geared toward cloud storage environments. Thinkmate’s STX family of storage servers are available in form factors from 1U to 4U, drive speeds from 7500 to 15,000 rpm, and SATA or SAS interconnects including 12Gb/s SAS.

The Thinkmate Advantage for Network Storage

As a leading custom systems builder for more than two decades, Thinkmate has much to offer to network storage shoppers:

  • Because of our long-standing partnerships with leading components makers, we’re often among the first to market with new technologies that boost system performance and efficiency.
  • We have the experience and expertise to help you determine exactly the best solution for your organization’s current and prospective needs, whether it’s NSA or SAN storage solutions, storage infrastructure for public or private cloud server farms, or any other type of modern enterprise storage need.
  • We custom configure our solutions to perfectly fit your requirements.
  • We provide exceptional customer service and some of the best warranty terms in the industry.

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