NAS Systems

NAS systems have become the go-to data storage solution for organizations large and small. Compared to fragmented direct attached storage technologies, network attached storage (NAS) systems deliver improved resource utilization rates, higher availability, and simplified administration. Compared to dedicated storage area network (SAN) systems—the other leading network storage technology—NAS systems are easier to adopt and make better use of an organization’s existing network investments and expertise. NAS systems also support a wide variety of contemporary use cases including cloud storage and storage of unstructured data.

NAS Systems Options

When choosing NAS systems for your organization, you have a number of decisions to make. Most fundamentally, you will need to choose among:

  • Appliance NAS versus software NAS. While legacy NAS systems tend to be appliances, today you also have the option of obtaining NAS server software—either proprietary software or open source software such as FreeNAS—and installing it on the hardware platform of your choice. While appliances offer a degree of convenience, software NAS has its advantages also. These include: a greater degree of latitude to acquire exactly the right hardware platform for your use case; more rapid NAS feature development and easier upgrades; and potentially, lower TCO.
  • NAS-only versus unified NAS/SAN system. Recent years have seen the development of unified NAS storage and SAN storage systems. These systems support not only NAS file-level I/O protocols such as NFS, CIFS, FTP, and HTTP, but also high-performance SAN block-level protocols such as iSCSI. For organizations with diverse application environments that need to support both types of storage protocols, unified NAS server / SAN server systems provide the ultimate in versatility. Such systems also offer consolidated management and reduced TCO in comparison to maintaining separate NAS and SAN infrastructures.

NAS Systems from the Leading Custom Systems Builder

While there are some complex choices to be made about NAS systems for your organization, an easy decision is working with Thinkmate to clarify and fulfill your data storage technology needs. A leading customer systems builder for nearly three decades, Thinkmate configures and delivers compute and data storage solutions for corporations, academic institutions, government agencies, and scientific enterprises. We offer a range of highly-configurable hardware storage platforms that are ideal for running NAS software. We also offer pre-installed unified NAS/SAN systems in a variety of configurations. For all of our products we provide expert consultation, exceptional customer service, and industry-best warranty terms.

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