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In today’s businesses and public organizations, data is accumulating at an unprecedented rate—and much of that data is being stored on NAS servers. There are good reasons why NAS servers have become the workhorses of modern data storage. As a file-level storage technology, NAS systems are well suited for storing and serving the unstructured data that’s driving most of today’s data growth. At the same time, for organizations with high volume storage needs NAS servers offer a smaller footprint, better capacity utilization, and easier administration than direct attached storage or traditional file servers. The right network attached storage solution can also deliver exceptional cost-per-gigabyte stored.

When you’re in the market for a NAS server you have two broad options: build it yourself by obtaining your NAS software of choice and installing it on suitable storage server hardware; or buy a turnkey NAS server solution. Either way, Thinkmate is your best bet for quality and service.

DIY or Built-to-Order NAS Servers: Thinkmate Has You Covered

Thinkmate is the leading supplier of custom computer and server equipment for corporations, governments, research institutions, and High Performance Computing markets. For organizations that plan to obtain proprietary or open source NAS software and install it themselves, Thinkmate offers the ideal hardware platform for powering high performance NAS servers. Our STX-NS series of storage servers is optimized for bulk storage of unstructured data and is available in 2U, 3U, or 4U form factors with anywhere from 12 to 72 hot-swappable SATA HDD bays.

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For organizations that prefer a turnkey storage solution, Thinkmate offers ready-made NAS servers with NexentaStor™ pre-installed on high performance hardware platforms. NexentaStor is a unified storage solution that supports not only file-level NAS storage protocols (NFS for Linux environments and CIFS/SMB for Windows environments) but also block-level SAN protocols (Fibre Channel, iSCSI). Available in a range of form factors and capacities, Thinkmate NAS/SAN solutions with NexentaStor also feature enterprise data management functionality like snapshotting and inline data deduplication.

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The Thinkmate Advantage for NAS Servers and More

Why turn to Thinkmate for NAS server hardware or pre-installed NAS servers?
  • With nearly 30 years experience building high performance computer systems for some of the world’s largest enterprises and public institutions, Thinkmate provides its customers with unmatched technical expertise.
  • We are dedicated to thoroughly understanding our customers’ needs and helping them find and configure a perfectly tailored solution.
  • We provide exceptional warranty terms and exceptional customer service.

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