NAS Network Server

Simplifying data storage with a NAS network server

A network-attached storage server, or NAS network server, has become an increasingly popular solution for managing the rapidly growing volumes of unstructured data that are flooding businesses of every size. As a file-level storage technology, a NAS file server provides easy access to stored data for multiple users and client devices via network connections. A NAS server for business offers better capacity utilization, a smaller footprint, and easier administration than other types of file storage systems. And the right NAS network server can provide exceptional cost-per-gigabytes stored.

When searching for the perfect NAS network server for your storage needs, Thinkmate offers custom-configured server and storage solutions with highly competitive pricing and exceptional reliability.

How a NAS network server works

A NAS server is a file-level storage architecture that provides a central storage solution where users and client devices can store and retrieve data easily. NAS devices are ideally suited for storing unstructured data and can be used to support a wide variety of business applications. NAS systems are typically accessed via a standard ethernet connection and managed with a browser-based utility. NAS servers are flexible and scale-out, enabling data administrators to easily add capacity by adding additional NAS network servers, which can be brought online by connecting them to an open network connection.

A NAS system includes software for NAS and server hardware that consists of storage drives along with processors and random-access memory (RAM). A NAS server also deploys a lightweight operating system that is usually embedded in the hardware and uses data transfer protocols to send data between devices.

A NAS network server from Thinkmate

For a truly flexible and unified data storage solution, Thinkmate provides NAS network servers that feature full customizability to fill your data storage technology needs. As a leading custom systems builder for nearly three decades, Thinkmate configures and delivers server and storage solutions for a wide range of industry applications. Our STX NS series of NAS network servers offers an ideal balance between high-capacity and high-performance, supporting moderate workloads such as 24x7 cloud data centers, scale-out storage, replicated data environments, content delivery networks (CDNs) and more.

A NAS network server from Thinkmate is optimized for bulk storage of unstructured data and is available in form factors from 1U in a small NAS server to a large 4U server, with 12-72 drive bays and 1-2 processors. Additional features include:

  • An enhanced feature set that helps to lower cost-per-gigabyte.
  • File-sharing for clients across composite OS platforms.
  • Support for server and storage virtualization.
  • Multiple choices/implementations of high-availability options.
  • Exceptional file transfer rates for all types of protocols, including NFS, AFP, SMB/CIFS, FTP, and iSCSI/FC.
  • NAS's intuitive web GUI.
  • Support for all of Areca's PCI-based RAID adapters: 12xx, 1883, and 1884/12GB SAS3 series.

A NAS network server from Thinkmate can also be configured as a Linux NAS server.

Benefits of a NAS network server

When you customize a NAS network server with Thinkmate, you can count on benefits that include:

  • Enhanced system performance due to the fact that the NAS server PC will take file-serving responsibilities away from other devices, enabling them to apply more resources towards processing other workloads.
  • Easier scalability, with the ability to bring additional NAS network servers online by simply connecting them to an available network connection.
  • Fast set up and simple administration, minimizing the IT team's burden for managing storage solutions.
  • Affordable storage solutions, as NAS network servers cost less on the whole than other types of storage technology.
  • Increased reliability, as a NAS network server separates storage from the server, making file system corruption less likely when a server fails.

Why choose Thinkmate for your NAS network server?

At Thinkmate, we've been providing custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Customers come to us for NAS network servers as well as other servers and storage solutions because they trust our deep technical knowledge, our commitment to quality and the remarkable reliability of our products.

Our online configurator lets you get a fast and straightforward price on any NAS network server, with lots of options for each component that enable to you customize each machine to your exact specifications. Our team of expert solution architects is always ready to help you configure the system you need, and your server will be automatically covered by our 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.

Because we have direct relationships with our suppliers – the same companies that the big name manufacturers work with – we can provide highly competitive prices on all of our custom-built machines.

FAQs: What is a NAS network server?

What is a NAS network server?

A NAS network server is a device that allows multiple users and clients on a network to access a central repository for storing and retrieving data. A NAS network server system usually contains one or more hard disks, often arranged into logical, redundant storage containers or RAIDs.

What are the benefits of a NAS network server?

A NAS network server provides a flexible and scale-out storage solutions, where expanded capacity can be brought online quickly by simply adding additional devices. NAS systems are cost-efficient, easy to implement and to use, and help to increase system performance by assuming file-serving responsibilities so other devices can be directed at other tasks.

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