Linux Server

Linux has gained traction as an operating system for enterprise-grade servers. Many server solutions sold in the market today offer the option of a Linux server operating system. Linux server systems are deployed commonly today to run big data analytics, cloud server solutions, and high performance computing applications like oil and gas exploration and financial modeling.

Wide Range of Linux Server Hardware from Thinkmate

Thinkmate’s wide range of servers can run Linux-based operating systems. When configuring these servers, customers can choose between CentOS, Debian, openSUSE, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Linux server operating systems. Thinkmate’s range of servers include:

  • Thinkmate RAX. RAX is Thinkmate’s most extensive range of rack servers offering a blend of performance, density, energy efficiency, and cost. RAX servers are available in over forty systems in 1U through 5U chassis sizes and use Intel® Xeon® or AMD Opteron™ CPUs. RAX configurations allow for single, dual, and quad CPU sockets. The 5U configuration supports eight CPU sockets. With such a large variety of configurations, each RAX server configured as a Linux server can perform as a building block of a scalable and fault-tolerant data center.
  • Thinkmate HDX. HDX servers are Thinkmate’s line of high density server solutions. They are available in 1U through 3U chassis with each chassis containing more than one server node: the 1U configurations contain two server nodes with two CPUs per node, the 2U configurations contain two or four server nodes with two CPUs per node, and the 3U configuration contains eight server nodes with one CPU per node. HDX servers running Linux server operating systems are excellent server solutions for cloud computing, virtualization, and high performance computing.
  • Thinkmate GPX. GPX servers are Thinkmate’s line of Nvidia® Tesla™ GPU-optimized servers. GPX servers are available in 1U, 2U, and 4U chassis sizes. The 1U configurations can support up to four GPUs, the 2U chassis can support up to six GPUs, and the 4U chassis can support up to eight GPUs. GPX servers running Linux server operating systems can be clustered cost-effectively to obtain supercomputing-level processing power.
  • Thinkmate STX. STX servers are Thinkmate’s line of storage servers that can run Linux server operating systems. STX servers are available in 1U through 4U chassis sizes and are especially configured for bulk cloud storage, nearline business-critical storage, and enterprise mission-critical storage.
  • Supermicro SuperBlade®. Thinkmate is a premier supplier of Supermicro servers and offers Supermicro’s SuperBlade servers as blade server solutions. SuperBlade servers are available as modules that fit into 7U-sized enclosures that in turn fit into industry-standard 42U racks. The TwinBlade® configurations in the SuperBlade range have the highest density and can pack up to twenty server nodes containing forty multi-core CPUs per 7U enclosure. SuperBlade servers can be configured with Linux server operating systems.
  • Thinkmate TWX. TWX servers are Thinkmate’s line of non-rack tower servers. They are available with redundant power supplies, hot-swappable drive bays, and one, two, or four CPU sockets that support Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron CPUs. TWX configurations are available with Linux server operating systems and are optimized for business critical applications such as databases, corporate networking, email and web servers, and NAS.

Benefits of Buying a Linux Server from Thinkmate

Configuring and purchasing a Linux server solution from Thinkmate is a straightforward process through Thinkmate’s industry-best online configurator. The online configurator provides options for each hardware component and Linux operating system. Each server comes with a 3-year warranty with advance parts supply and 24-hour customer support. Moreover, customers wanting guidance and advice can leverage Thinkmate’s in-house engineers and 20 plus years’ of experience in the industry.

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