Linux NAS Server

Solve storage challenges with a Linux NAS server from Thinkmate

As you look for ways to better manage explosive growth in data, a Linux NAS server can help to solve a great number of challenges. A Linux NAS server for business data not only provides support for heterogeneous clients and optimized file systems but offers less complex and costly RAID functionality and richer NAS features and diagnostics as well.

When you're in the market for a Linux NAS server, you can build your own system or acquire a turnkey Linux NAS solution. In either case, Thinkmate is your best bet for quality, price, and service.

The benefits of a Linux NAS server

As the workhorse of modern data storage, a NAS file server offers great advantages for organizations with rapidly growing data volumes. NAS systems are ideal for storing and serving the unstructured data that is driving ready for data growth. For organizations with high volume storage needs, NAS servers provide a smaller footprint, better capacity utilization, and easier administration than other storage solutions. And when it comes to cost, the right NAS solution can also deliver exceptional cost-per-gigabyte stored.

Choosing Linux offers great benefits as well. As an open-architecture solution, the Linux OS provides significant cost savings as well as greater flexibility than a proprietary system. The Linux OS offers a highly flexible and robust native RAID capability and supports a broad range of network protocols including NFS, FTP and CIFS, as well as optimized file systems like XFS. Linux can be easily customized to deliver advanced performance management features, and the Linux OS offers better diagnostics and faster resolution of issues to increase uptime.

Linux NAS server options from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is a leading provider of custom-built storage, server and workstation solutions. For more than 25 years, we have provided highly reliable and price-competitive compute and data storage systems for corporations, academic institutions, government agencies and scientific enterprises. With a range of highly configurable hardware storage platforms that are ideal for running NAS software, we provide both Linux NAS server options and pre-installed unified NAS/SAN systems in a variety of configurations. With every Linux NAS network server solution, you can count on expert advice, exceptional customer service, and an industry-leading warranty.

Thinkmate STX-NS storage solutions are our primary offering when it comes to Linux server operating systems. Available in 1U through 4U chassis sizes with 12 to 72 hot-swappable SATA HDD bays, STX-NS solutions are ideal for bulk cloud storage, nearline business-critical, storage and enterprise mission-critical storage. Providing a balance between high-capacity and performance, these Linux NAS server options support a wide variety of up-to-date workloads including file sharing, web content storage, email archiving and storage of virtual machine images.

Highlights of Thinkmate's Linux NAS server solutions include:

  • Bulk cloud storage, SMB to high-end NAS, Big Data storage, replicated environments, backup, and archiving
  • File-sharing for clients across composite OS platforms
  • Exceptional file transfer rate satisfying High-Speed Video Editing for all types of protocols, including: NFS, AFP, SMB/CIFS, FTP, and iSCSI/FC. Feature-set enhanced to enable lower cost per gigabyte
  • Supports all of Areca's PCI based RAID adapters: 12xx, 1883, and 1884/12GB SAS3 series
  • Multiple choices/implementations of High-Availability options available
  • Supports Virtualbox for server and storage virtualization
  • Feature-set enhanced to enable lower cost-per-gigabyte
  • NAS's Intuitive Web GUI

Advantages of Thinkmate's Linux NAS server offerings

A Linux NAS server from Thinkmate can deliver:

  • Higher availability. A Linux NAS server can potentially increase availability because data access is not dependent on the server – users can still have access to data on the NAS even when servers are down.
  • Improved performance. A Linux NAS server increases performance by offloading responsibility for serving data from other servers that are also responsible for processing.
  • Easy scalability. Linux NAS server solutions provide easy scale-out possibilities, as a NAS server can be connected to any available network jack and is not limited by the number of internal or external ports of a server's data bus.
  • Greater reliability. A Linux NAS server offers more reliability than DAS options because storage is separated from the server, making file system corruption unlikely in the event of a server failure.

Why choose Thinkmate for your Linux NAS server?

No one builds Linux NAS server PC solutions – or other server and storage solutions – like Thinkmate. With our broad portfolio of custom storage solutions, wide selection of configuration options, and support for the latest technologies, we deliver high-performance solutions that can affordably increase capacity, enhanced reliability and improve IOPS.

Because we know you need effective solutions quickly, we've created an industry-leading online configurator that makes it easy and straightforward to configure, price and compare a variety of server and storage options. You'll find options for each hardware component and Linux operating system, as well as ready assistance provided by our expert solution architects – an in-house team that's ready to help you select and customize the right Linux NAS server system for your applications and your budget.

And with Thinkmate, your Linux NAS server or NAS web server solution can be protected by our award-winning, 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.

FAQs: What is a Linux NAS server?

What is a Linux NAS server?

A Linux NAS server is a network-attached storage (NAS) server running Linux operating system software. NAS is a file-level storage architecture that enables users on a network to easily store and share file-based data. NAS storage solutions provide high-performance, easy accessibility, and scale-out capacity along with high fault tolerance. A Linux NAS server uses Linux OS to run protocols and file applications that provide NAS functionality.

What are the benefits of a Linux NAS server?

A Linux NAS server offers several benefits over NAS servers running on other operating systems. Because Linux is an open source system, runtime licenses for Linux are free, reducing the total cost of ownership. Linux provides robust and flexible native RAID capabilities as well as support for a range of network protocols including FTP, NFS and CIFS. A Linux NAS server also supports optimized file systems like XFS, and enables advanced performance and management features, thanks to its open standards platform.

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