Largest Storage Server

Deploying the largest storage server in your data center

The volume of business data is expanding more quickly than ever, causing data center architects to seek new solutions to handle this massive influx of information. When attempting to deploy the largest storage server solutions, data center managers must balance the additional capacity requirements with the need to deliver superior performance and to maintain flexibility while holding the line on costs.

Thinkmate provides a wide range of large storage server options that maximize capacity while providing solutions for a variety of data center strategies.

The largest storage server options from Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers a broad range of customized servers, workstations, and storage options for businesses, educational institutions and government agencies. As a premier white box server solutions provider for nearly 20 years, we deliver cutting-edge technology with a commitment to superior customer service that enables our customers to affordably source solutions that are 100% customized for their needs.

Our selection of custom storage servers provides truly flexible and fully customizable unified data storage solutions. Every one of our machines can be built to order using our world-class configurator, which offers more customizable options than any other system builder on the web. Starting with a base model that offers the form factor and platform you need, you can add or substitute processors, memory, hard drives, SSD drives, network cards, software and other components to configure a machine that meets your exact requirements.

Our largest storage server solutions

Our JBOD Storage Expansion units are some of the largest storage server options available from Thinkmate. These units provide a dependable, high-capacity option that is perfect for increasing storage capacity on an existing system,or for consolidating archives and backups from a central storage server. When you're looking for the largest storage server solution, using JBODs for storage expansion is often the most affordable method for building storage capacity.

We offer a range of JBOD options, from 12 or 24 bay server solutions to a model that supports 106 x 16TB SAS drives, one of the largest storage server options in our product line.

JBOD has become an increasingly popular solution for storage expansion as data assets continue to grow and become more complex. Some applications such as the Hadoop framework specify JBOD storage as preferable to other disk configurations. Because of its high storage server density and relatively low cost, JBOD solutions are also being used in nearline storage and SAN storage deployments.

Alternative solutions for the largest data stores

Thinkmate provides additional technology that can deliver the largest storage server solutions.

  • NAS storage servers. Our network-attached storage (NAS) solutions provide a balance between high-capacity and performance and support a broad range of workloads including filesharing, email archiving, and storage of virtual machine images, or as an online storage server for web content storage. Offering low-cost bulk storage designed for vast amounts of unstructured data, out scale-out NAS storage solutions are ideal for 24x7 cloud data centers, replicated data environments, content delivery networks (CDNs) and other moderate workloads.
  • Nearline storage servers. Our high-capacity nearline servers are designed to support enterprise-class workloads on a multi-drive server system that requires predictable and reliable performance. Offering HDD capacities of up to 8 TB with SATA or SAS interfaces, our nearline servers provide excellent IOPS/TB along with exceptional reliability, high availability, and outstanding serviceability.

Thinkmate also offers VMware Virtual SAN solutions and options for a tower server or a blade storage server, along with a wide range of servers and systems, including workstations with Supermicro Thunderbolt technology.

Thinkmate vs. the largest storage server integrators

Thinkmate offers significant advantages over machines acquired from the largest storage server integrators.

  • 100% customized solutions. Every machine that leaves our facilities is completely customized for our customers' data center requirements.
  • Competitive pricing. We have the same relationships with direct suppliers as the large-scale integrators, enabling us to meet or beat our competitors' prices.
  • Excellent customer service. Our people are dedicated to going beyond our competition to help our customers find what they are looking for. All of our staff – not just our customer service team – are genuinely helpful and will assist you in any way we can.
  • Equipment made in the USA. Every Thinkmate machine is built in our state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is the largest storage server?

What is the largest storage server?

While there are many individual products that may compete for the title of largest storage server, the technology is constantly changing and the demands for large-scale storage is constantly increasing. IT architects looking for the largest storage server often choose technology such as network-attached storage, RAID or JBOD expansion solutions, which provide cost-effective scale-out options.

What is network-attached storage?

A network-attached storage (NAS) server is a storage device with a file-level storage architecture that enables multiple users and clients to save and retrieve files from a central location. NAS systems make it easy to add additional capacity by simply connecting additional servers.

What is JBOD storage?

JBOD stands for "just a bunch of disks" and is a storage solution that uses multiple types of storage drives, but without a RAID configuration. JBOD architecture makes it possible to take a group of disparate drives of different sizes and models and to configure them as a single logical volume or as a group of individual drives.

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