JBOD Storage

As storage technology improves, data storage solutions are becoming more specialized to leverage the benefits offered by each technology. Advances in peripheral interfaces, drive performance, and storage architectures provide storage vendors with more options in designing solutions. New trends in computing like cloud computing and big data require vendors to streamline storage solutions to meet requirements. JBOD storage is a disk configuration that vendors can use to provide storage capacity dictated by these requirements.

What is JBOD Storage?

JBOD (an acronym for “just a bunch of disks”) is a simple and cost effective way to provide high density data storage. It utilizes multiple hard drives of varying capacities and specifications for creation into one or more logical volumes. There is no requirement to use the same drive model or drives of identical capacities and rotational speeds. JBOD does not inherently support any RAID configuration, and hence, does not provide any redundancy or performance improvement provided by RAID configurations. However, RAID controllers can access JBOD storage to increase drive capacity in RAID implementations.

JBOD storage is typically implemented as chassis enclosures containing many drive bays that fit into standard server racks. Power for the drives is provided by power supplies in the chassis. Storage servers access drives in JBOD enclosures through standard peripheral interfaces such as SATA and SAS. Today, SAS is the most flexible interface with high data throughput for accessing drives, and many JBOD storage implementations use SAS storage technology to support a large number of drives.

JBOD is becoming increasingly popular as requirements for storage size become larger and more complex. Some applications that work with big datasets such as those using the Hadoop framework specify using JBOD storage over other disk configurations. Due to its high storage density and low cost, JBOD is also gaining traction in nearline storage and SAN storage solutions.

Buy JBOD Storage from Thinkmate

As an industry-leading provider of storage server solutions, Thinkmate offers JBOD enclosures to complement any data storage solution. Over twenty Thinkmate JBOD enclosures are available in 2U, 3U, and 4U sizes for configuration. 2U enclosures support up to twenty-four 2.5” drives, 3U enclosures support up to sixteen 3.5” drives, and 4U enclosures support up to ninety 3.5” drives. Both hard disk and solid-state drives with SATA3 6.0Gb/s and SAS3 12Gb/s interfaces can be configured into Thinkmate JBOD storage enclosures. Most enclosures provide redundant power supplies for the drives which are all hot-swappable.

Being a Supermicro premier partner, Thinkmate also offers Supermicro SuperStorage JBOD enclosures in addition to Supermicro high compute density servers like the Supermicro TwinBlade®. Up to ten JBOD storage enclosures in 3U and 4U sizes from Supermicro are available from Thinkmate. 3U enclosures support up to twenty-eight 3.5” drives and 4U enclosures support up to ninety 3.5” drives. As with Thinkmate JBOD enclosures, both hard disk and solid-state drives with SATA3 6.0Gb/s and SAS3 12Gb/s interfaces can be configured into Supermicro JBOD enclosures. Drives are all hot-swappable and most enclosures provide redundant power supplies.

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