Home-Built NAS Server

The value of a home-built NAS server

When you're searching for a low-cost data storage solution to manage rising volumes of unstructured data, a home-built NAS server may be the right approach. A network-attached storage server or NAS server, is a storage solution with a file-level architecture that enables multiple client devices and users to easily access a central location for storing and accessing data. Because you can easily scale-out NAS systems by simply adding more servers, a home-built NAS server enables you to configure a storage solution for your needs today and add additional servers as data volumes grow, rather than running the risk of over-provisioning with an expensive storage solution.

When you're ready to configure a home-built NAS server, Thinkmate provides highly reliable solutions with extremely competitive pricing and a world-class configurator that lets you build your own NAS server quickly and easily.

Advantages of a home-built NAS server

A home-built NAS server offers several critical benefits over other storage systems, and several advantages over turnkey NAS systems.

  • Affordability. NAS storage is among the most cost-efficient storage solutions, and a home-built NAS server is even more affordable as you can customize your solution and pay only for the features and capacity you need. Additionally, managing a home-built NAS server is fairly straightforward, minimizing data administration costs.
  • Flexible scalability. Adding capacity to a NAS system is as easy as connecting additional servers to the network with an ethernet connection. That means you can start out with a small NAS server, waiting to purchase additional capacity until your data volumes require it.
  • Improved system performance. A NAS system relieves other servers of the responsibility of serving files, enabling those devices to process other workloads more quickly to help improve overall system performance.
  • Easy management. A home-built NAS server is easy to install and manage, minimizing burden on IT personnel.

Sourcing your home-built NAS server with Thinkmate

For more than 25 years, Thinkmate has been a premier provider of servers, storage solutions and workstations for customers in a wide range of industries. We provide solutions that offer exceptional reliability, highly competitive pricing and 100% customizability, enabling our customers to affordably provision equipment that meets their exact needs.

When you're ready to construct a home-built NAS server, you can save yourself a great deal of time and effort by starting with a base model from our STX-NS series of NAS storage solutions. These machines represent an ideal balance of high performance and high capacity, offering low-cost bulk storage designed for vast amounts of unstructured data. Our world-class configurator let you completely customize these base models your exact specifications, providing a home-built NAS server that delivers the affordability and performance your data storage environment requires.

The Thinkmate STX/NS series is available in form factors ranging from 1U to 4U, with 1-2 processors and 12-72 drive bays. Key features include:

  • An enhanced feature set that helps to lower cost-per gigabyte.
  • Support for server and storage virtualization.
  • NAS's intuitive web GUI.
  • Support for all of Areca's PCI-based RAID adapters: 12xx, 1883, and 1884/12GB SAS3 series.
  • File-sharing for clients across composite OS platforms.
  • Multiple choices/implementations of high-availability options.
  • Exceptional file transfer rates for high-speed video editing for all types of protocols, including NFS, AFP, SMB/CIFS, FTP, and iSCSI/FC.

Whether you're sourcing a single small business NAS server or an enterprise-class NAS storage system, Thinkmate's highly customizable solutions enable you to get the exact system you need.

How to configure your home-built NAS server

Our configurator makes it easy to shop for, price out, compare and buy NAS server solutions online. When you're ready to configure a home-built NAS server from Thinkmate, simply start with a base model based on the form factor from 1U to 4U that's best suited for your needs. You'll then have the option of choosing from a wide range of internal components, including processors, hard drives and solid state drives, memory cards, network cards and software.

The price of every component is clearly displayed on the configurator, and you'll see a running total for your configured device at the top of the page, which takes into account every selection and change you make. Consequently, you'll be able to easily keep an eye on your total cost as you select or swap out components.

Your home-built NAS server will be covered by our 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement at no cost, which can be upgraded to a 5-year warranty with next-day business service on site.

Why choose Thinkmate?

When you source a home-built NAS server from Thinkmate, you can count on:

  • Superior reliability. We have a hard-earned reputation for reliability, thanks to a strong commitment to quality, detailed reliability records and our stress-testing protocols.
  • Excellent customer service. A company-wide focus on customer service means that our entire staff is genuinely helpful and dedicated to assisting you in any way we can.
  • Affordable equipment. Our direct relationships with suppliers – the same companies that provide components for the big name manufacturers – enable us to meet or beat our competitors' prices.
  • Equipment built in the USA. Every Thinkmate machine is produced in our state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts.

FAQs: What is a home-built NAS server

What is a home-built NAS server?

A home-built NAS server is a network attached storage device that is configured with a do-it-yourself approach, where data storage specialists assemble a NAS server out of individual parts, rather than purchasing a turnkey system.

What are the benefits of a home-built NAS server?

A home-built NAS server is less expensive than a turnkey system, and provides greater flexibility for provisioning the exact equipment needed for the requirements of a specific data storage environment.

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