GPU Workstation

Engineers, artists, and other professionals in today’s competitive global marketplace are under pressure to constantly develop and produce new ideas, products, and pioneering work. By giving users the tools and cutting-edge technology they need to do more, the GPU workstation has become an essential platform for innovation and a key driver of productivity in a variety of creative and technical fields. The GPU workstation allows professionals to leverage the powerful parallel processing capabilities of GPU computing applications in order to work more intuitively, to streamline complex workflows, and to produce better work in less time.

Accelerate Graphics- and Compute-Intensive Workflows with a GPU Workstation

The distinguishing feature of the GPU workstation is, of course, the GPU or graphics processing unit. Integral to high-end design and engineering workstations, a GPU is composed of hundreds of processing cores arranged in a highly parallel architecture. Because these cards are more adept at processing heavily parallelized tasks than CPUs, professional GPUs are used to accelerate complex computing, visualization and simulation tasks for many industry-leading applications including CAE tools used for computational fluid dynamics and virtual prototyping.

With a GPU-accelerated workstation computer, graphics- or compute-intensive application processes such as 3D ray tracing can be offloaded to the GPU, freeing up CPU resources for other workflows. Or, with a multiple GPU workstation, made possible by NVIDIA’s multi-GPU technology, you can further optimize the visualization and computing performance of certain applications using a combination of NVIDIA Quadro® and NVIDIA Tesla® GPUs. A dual- or multi-GPU workstation PC enables you to visualize, compute, render, and interact with simulations faster than ever before, dramatically transforming processor-intensive workflows.

Achieve Unparalleled Computing Performance with a Thinkmate GPU Workstation

Thinkmate, the #1 provider of custom workstations, has developed a line of GPU-optimized workstation computers that deliver both superior reliability and breakthrough graphics and computing performance. Supporting NVIDIA Tesla® Kepler-based GPU computing accelerators and Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors, our GPX series of GPU workstation solutions is designed to handle your most sophisticated and demanding applications. Get cluster-level performance in a single computer workstation with Thinkmate’s supercomputing solutions, which feature:

  • Robust components. We’ve incorporated Gold Level power supplies, energy-saving motherboards, enterprise-class hard drives and solid state drives, ECC memory and other select components—all of which have been put through our extensive quality control process.
  • Ultimate customizability and reliability. Each and every Thinkmate GPU workstation is 100% customizable via our convenient online quoting and ordering system and is built and stress tested in our state-of-the-art facilities located in the U.S.A.
  • Our award-winning warranty. All Thinkmate GPU workstation solutions ship with our three-year warranty with advanced parts replacement—giving our customers peace of mind for mission-critical workflows and helping all of our users stay productive.

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