GPU Prices

Finding the best GPU prices

GPU computing is transforming workflows throughout industry, education, and government. Taking advantage of massively parallel architecture, a graphics processing unit (GPU) enables servers and workstations to handle compute-intensive tasks with much greater speed and energy efficiency, helping to increase throughput while reducing costs.

The key to sourcing a GPU workstation or GPU dedicated server is finding the best GPU prices. At Thinkmate, we offer a wide variety of GPU workstations and GPU-optimized NVIDIA Tesla certified servers at highly competitive prices, while enabling you to completely custom configure your machine so you're only paying for the features you need.

Quality determines GPU prices

GPU prices range from a few hundred dollars for low-end equipment to several thousands of dollars for technology like the Nvidia Tesla V100, the most advanced data center GPU ever built for accelerating AI, high-performance computing, and graphics-intensive applications.

GPU prices may be affected by:

  • The number of cores. Cores are individual processors within a processing unit. The more cores in a GPU card, the faster its performance will be.
  • The base GPU clock and boost GPU clock. The base GPU clock refers to the number of clock cycles or calculations a processor completes in one second. The boost clock refers to an increase in clock speed enabled when processing demands require it and when sufficient power is available.
  • The amount of RAM and RAM bandwidth. The higher and faster your RAM, the faster the GPU can access and display information.
  • Thermal design power. This refers to the amount of power that a GPU will pull. A lower-watt GPU will draw less power and require less cooling, increasing performance, and reducing operating costs.
  • Performance in teraFLOPS. The more teraflops (trillions of floating-point operations per second) delivered by a GPU, the better its performance will be.

Low GPU prices from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a premier provider of custom-configured computer equipment for businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies for more than 25 years. With a remarkable commitment to superior quality, cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, we offer leading-edge equipment with a 3-year warranty that ensures our customers get the most value from their investment in Thinkmate equipment.

We offer a wide range of GPU-optimized servers and workstations with some of the lowest GPU prices on the market. Due to our strong, direct relationship with direct suppliers, we are able to offer GPU prices that are on par or better than our competitors, while customizing 100% of our machines for the needs of our customers.

Our world-class configurator makes it easy to quickly view GPU prices and compare options. After you've chosen a base model for your server or workstation, you'll have a wide variety of choices and components, including processors, solid-state drives, hard drives, controller cards, network cards, operating systems, software, warranty, and options for a TITAN GPU, NVIDIA Quadro p4000 GPU or TITAN X server. Along with GPU prices, the cost of each component is clearly marked and as you swap different components in and out, you'll see the changes in the total configured price for your machine, as well as the cost per month if you choose to finance your purchase.

Reducing the cost of GPU computing

As you source your GPU servers or GPU workstations, initial GPU prices at purchase are only one factor in determining the cost of your equipment. To determine your total cost of ownership, you should factor in a variety of other criteria that include:

  • Reliability. Thinkmate has a hard-earned reputation for reliability, thanks to detailed reliability records and our own stress-testing protocols. More reliable equipment enables you to get more value from your equipment over multiple years, lowering your TCO.
  • Warranty. We offer a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, not only ensuring business continuity but reduced long-term cost for the acquisition and maintenance of your equipment.
  • Performance. GPU-optimized servers and workstations provide highly accelerated performance and dramatically increased throughput, delivering more computing power for your investment. The NVIDIA Tesla V100, for example, 10 replace 100 commodity CPU-only servers, dramatically reducing costs.
  • Cooling. Thinkmate GPU servers and workstations incorporate Gold Level power supplies, energy-saving motherboards, and enterprise-class server management to optimize cooling, helping to reduce power and expenses.

Why choose GPU-optimized equipment from Thinkmate?

When you buy GPU servers and workstations from Thinkmate, you know you're getting highly reliable equipment at extremely competitive GPU prices. The quality of our servers, storage solutions, and workstations is unsurpassed – every component machine is subject to extensive quality control and testing processes to make sure we can deliver the functionality, reliability and performance that our customers rely on. You'll find our customer service team is remarkably attentive, and every member of our company is committed to doing everything in his or her power to ensure customer satisfaction. And when you buy Thinkmate equipment, you're getting machines that are made in the USA at our own facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts.

FAQs: What are GPU prices?

What are GPUs?

GPUs are graphics processing units and are used within computers along with a central processing unit, or CPU, to perform calculations more quickly. A GPU can render images and perform certain computational tasks far more efficiently than a CPU, helping to increase the speed with which computers can handle compute-intense workloads.

What are GPU prices like?

GPU prices are dependent on the quality and power of the GPU card. GPU prices may range from several hundred dollars for inexpensive GPUs to several thousand dollars for the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

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