GPU Dedicated Server

Boost performance with a Thinkmate GPU dedicated server

When you need the massive parallel processing power of GPU-accelerated computing, Thinkmate provides GPU dedicated server and workstation options that deliver superior reliability and expandability. Thinkmate GPU dedicated servers are available in a variety of form factors and offer breakthrough performance, excellent manageability and exceptional efficiency.

A GPU dedicated server uses a hybrid computing model combining CPUs and GPUs to increase application performance. A GPU, or graphical processing unit, has a massively parallel architecture comprised of thousands of small processing cores that makes it uniquely suited to accelerating parallel calculations. Originally built for graphics processing, GPU servers are now indispensable for high-end CAD workstations as well as applications that involve compute-intensive tasks like rendering and finite element analysis. With a GPU dedicated server, you can offload these tasks to the GPU and enable the CPU to continue performing the serial processing tasks for which it is designed. Ultimately, a GPU dedicated server allows you to use a single machine to accomplish much more.

GPU dedicated server options from Thinkmate

Thinkmate, the #1 server solutions provider for over 20 years, offers a suite of GPU dedicated server solutions that deliver the compute performance to power even the most demanding applications.

Our Nvidia Tesla GPU servers are GPU-optimized NVIDIA Tesla certified servers featuring massively parallel processing power and unrivaled networking flexibility thanks to two double-width GPUs or up to five expansion slots in a 1U. With an NVIDIA V100 GPU dedicated server, you can count on incredible performance and quality optimized for the most computationally intensive applications. These NVIDIA deep learning server solutions include gold level power supplies, energy-saving motherboards, and enterprise-class server management to optimize cooling. Nvidia GPU dedicated servers are available with 1U-4U, 1-10 GPUs, 2-24 drive bays and 1-2 processors.

Our Supermicro GPU SuperServers® provide cost-effective supercomputing in the data center and are the ideal platform for running computationally intensive applications in medicine, astrophysics, gas and oil exploration and other demanding fields. With Supermicro’s pioneering non-blocking GPU system architecture and industry-leading GPU system density, a GPU dedicated server from Supermicro can be purchased in a variety of form factors. With up to 1 teraFLOPS of double precision performance, this GPU dedicated server is the fastest 1U GPU rackmount server in the industry. Smart enterprise-class server management and GPU status monitoring provide excellent manageability features, and gold level power supplies, advanced cooling subsystems and energy-saving motherboards enable superior efficiency.

Thinkmate also offers one of the best workstation GPU solutions in a GPU-optimized Supermicro workstation.

Benefits of a GPU Dedicated Server

By offloading computationally intensive tasks to a GPU dedicated server from Thinkmate, you can:

  • Improve performance by sending the toughest workloads to your GPU dedicated server while allowing your CPU to handle the main sequential processes for which it is best suited.
  • Manage Big Data analysis more quickly and easily.
  • Reduce power consumption, thanks to more energy-efficient computing provided by a GPU dedicated server that has the same data processing abilities of 100+ CPUs.
  • Accelerate AI and deep learning applications with more computational power.

Why Choose Thinkmate for Your GPU Dedicated Server?

Deploying a GPU dedicated server from Thinkmate can deliver the performance and quality that the world’s most computationally intensive applications require. That’s why our expert solution architects are always available to help you determine the right custom configuration that will provide the speed, efficiency, and manageability to transform your computing environment.

Thinkmate also provides:

  • A 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement to ensure business continuity.
  • A world-class configurator that provides instant pricing and product comparisons.
  • Excellent customer service where you can always speak with a human being rather than a robot.
  • Highly competitive GPU prices, thanks to our direct relationships with suppliers.
  • A deep commitment to quality and reliability, allowing you to build your system knowing every component has been carefully evaluated by our engineers.

FAQs: What is a GPU Dedicated Server?

What is a GPU Dedicated Server?

A GPU dedicated server is a server that offloads certain computationally intensive tasks to a graphical processing unit, or GPU. The massively parallel architecture of a GPU is ideally suited to performing multiple calculations at the same time, allowing it to complete certain tasks faster than a CPU and helping to accelerate the overall performance of the server.

What are the Benefits of a GPU Dedicated Server?

By offloading compute-intensive tasks to a GPU dedicated server, you can improve performance, reduce power consumption and more effectively power Big Data, AI and deep learning applications.

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