FatTwin Server

As the market for virtual and cloud computing increases, data center space becomes more expensive. Footprints of server solutions for data centers have to decrease in size to fit into existing data center real estate. Consequently, the density of computing power for each square foot of space increases. Server vendors have responded by increasing the density of processing and storage units in each server rack to fit the budget and performance requirements of each customer. The industry-leading high density computing server with the most flexible configurations and highest efficiency is the FatTwin server from Supermicro.

Advantages of a FatTwin Server

The FatTwin range of Supermicro servers, available from Thinkmate, has numerous advantages over traditional rack servers and blade servers. The following are several of the main advantages:

  • Highly configurable. FatTwin servers are available in many configurations. Each FatTwin server comes in a 4U chassis. Within each 4U chassis, 8, 4, or 2 server nodes can be configured with multi-core Intel® Xeon® main processors, Intel® Xeon Phi™ and Nvidia® Tesla™ GPU co-processors, DDR3 or DDR4 memory, hot-swappable 2.5” or 3.5” SAS/SATA drives (hard disks or solid state), Gigabit, InfiniBand, and Fibre Channel networking, and front or rear located I/O ports. These configurations enable FatTwin servers to achieve higher computing density than traditional rack servers while costing less than blade servers. The large number of configurations available also allows a FatTwin server to be configured as a data storage server with up to forty-eight 2.5” SAS/SATA drives.
  • Highly performant and available. Each FatTwin 4U chassis comes with redundant digital power supplies. The redundancy allows server nodes in the chassis to continue running when one power supply unit fails. These power supplies can drive up to 16 CPUs in a 4U FatTwin chassis (2 CPUs per node, 8 nodes per chassis) with each CPU rated up to 145W. Each CPU can run up to 18 cores enabling FatTwin servers to run the most demanding high performance computing applications.
  • Low acquisition and operating costs. Due to the design of the FatTwin chassis which only has a power supply backplane built in, the cost of a FatTwin chassis is significantly lower than blade enclosures which have more complex backplanes. The FatTwin chassis is sized in a 4U footprint which fits into industry-standard 42U racks. Many blade enclosures have proprietary footprints making them standalone and thereby take up valuable data center space. A FatTwin server operates at high efficiency due to its Titanium and Platinum level power supplies that achieve up to 94% efficiency. This high efficiency allows operating costs to be low. Additionally, several of the FatTwin server configurations can be operated in ambient temperatures of up to 47ºC allowing them to be located in non air-conditioned environments.

Reduce TCO Using a FatTwin Server from Thinkmate

Servers from the FatTwin range make them ideal building blocks in data center solutions for Green Computing. With a practical design consisting of a shared power plane and modular architecture that fits into industry-standard racks, a FatTwin server is flexible to configure, efficient, reliable, easy to maintain and upgrade, and has low operating costs. Enterprises and organizations that purchase and operate FatTwin servers will see immediate and ongoing reduced TCO.

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