Applications that involve computations of large datasets are on the increase. To meet the requirements of these applications and others requiring high computational power, the design of high performance and high density servers is evolving. Supermicro is at the forefront of high performance and high density hardware. FatTwin is a range of highly efficient, highly configurable, and highly dense servers made by Supermicro and available from Thinkmate.

What is FatTwin?

To achieve the needs of high performance computing with flexible configurations, FatTwin servers are designed into an optimal 4U chassis size. Each chassis comes with redundant power supplies to feed the server nodes in the chassis. Unlike a blade server where its enclosure has shared power supplies, cooling, interconnects, and other backplane resources, a FatTwin server only has power as a shared resource in its chassis. All other resources are discrete in each server computer node. This results in lower acquisition and operating costs compared to blade servers yet provides much more computing density than traditional rackmount solutions in a similar 4U space.

Highly Flexible Server Configurations with FatTwin from Thinkmate

Servers in the FatTwin range are available in a wide variety of 4U configurations that fit in the industry-standard 42U server rack. They are available in 8, 4, and 2 server node configurations to fit into a 4U chassis. Each node is designed to be hot-pluggable and available with front or rear I/O and network ports.

A large range of high capacity memory and disk storage options are available. For example, in an 8 server node configuration, each node can have 8 or 16 DIMM slots. With 512GB in 16 DIMM slots per node, a total of 8 nodes in the 4U chassis yields 4TB of memory. In a 4 server node configuration, up to twelve 2.5” hot-swappable drives can be installed resulting in a total of 48 drives in a 4U chassis. Most configurations also come with PCIe 3.0 expandability. The flexibility of configurations available qualify FatTwin to be one of the most versatile and flexible data center solutions available today.

High Performance Computing Enabled by FatTwin

Powerful processor options are available with FatTwin. At minimum, quad-core Intel® Xeon® CPUs can be used; at maximum,18 core Intel® Xeon® CPUs. In an 8 server node configuration, with dual 18 core CPUs per node, a total of 288 cores can operate in the 4U chassis, enough to take on the most computationally demanding applications.

Co-processors are also available for the 4 server node FatTwin configuration. With Intel® Xeon® main processors running up to 12 cores available for the 4 node configuration, up to twelve Intel® Xeon Phi™ or Nvidia® Tesla™ GPUs co-processors can also be added to make up a powerful 4U system for parallel processing workloads.

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