Fast Storage Server

Improve performance with a fast storage server

When choosing a storage server today, the need for speed is equally as critical as the capacity and reliability of storage systems. High-performance computing and computationally intensive applications require are driving the need for ultra-fast storage servers, causing data center administrators to increasingly look for options that can deliver the highest performance per dollar spent.

Thinkmate provides a wide range of fast storage servers that can be completely customized to deliver the speed as well as the capacity required to solve any data center challenges.

What makes a fast storage server?

Factors that determine speed in a fast storage server include:

  • Processing power. Faster processors can deliver data at higher speeds, increasing the throughput (the amount of data that can be processed per second) and the number of input/output operations per second (IOPS).
  • Maximum RAM. Random-access memory (RAM) enables a server to call up data stored on the disk drives, and higher amounts of RAM can increase the speed of these operations.
  • Hard drive rotational speed. Higher rotational speeds enable hard drives to serve data at faster rates.
  • Drive controller throughput. A slow drive interface can cause bottlenecks in high-speed drives.
  • Network interface throughput. The speed of network interconnects determines how quickly data can be transported from a data storage server to other servers within the data center. While modern data centers tend to have very high-bandwidth network infrastructures, a fast storage server must use compatible network interfaces like InfiniBand or Fibre Channel adapters to leverage that bandwidth.

Thinkmate: Your #1 source for fast storage servers

Thinkmate has been providing premier solutions for servers, storage servers, and workstations since 1986. Today, our combination of highly reliable equipment, exceptionally competitive pricing, attentive customer service and customizable options has made us a premier provider of fast storage servers and other business-critical equipment for the modern data center.

Thinkmate provides 100% customized solutions that enable our customers to build fast storage servers using the exact components they need to achieve the performance and capacity required for a wide variety of applications. Our world-class configurator features more customizable options than any other system builder online, making it easy to quickly price and purchase a custom-built storage server.

To configure a device, you can start with a base model storage server that offers the form factor, maximum RAM, platform and other features you require, and then add or swap out components to achieve the speed and performance you need. Depending on the model, you'll have options for processors, memory cards, controller cards, PCIe storage cards, hard drives and solid-state drives, network cards, software, operating systems and more.

We offer a completely transparent pricing system that lets you see the price of every component as well as a running total of your choices at the top of the page as you configure your device. And our solution architects are always available to help you determine how best to build your fast storage server.

Our selection of fast storage servers

We offer a wide range of fast storage servers in several storage architectures:

  • Network-attached storage servers. Our affordable NAS solutions provide a balance between high capacity and performance, providing low-cost, scale-out storage that's perfect for moderate workloads such as 24x7 cloud data centers, replicated data environments, content delivery networks and more.
  • Nearline storage servers. Our nearline servers are designed to support enterprise-class nearline workloads, delivering the predictable and reliable performance required for high-capacity storage in a multi-drive server system. These machines provide excellent IOPS/TB for high-performance computing, high-reliability cloud storage, RAID arrays and more.
  • JBOD storage expansion. Our JBOD storage expansion units provide an economical way to expand existing JBOD or RAID storage capacity.

Additionally, we offer SATA storage server options, as well as a variety of GPU-accelerated superfast servers, including options for an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI server, a TITAN X server and an NVlink server. You'll also find a wide range of rackmount servers, high-density servers and workstations with Supermicro Thunderbolt technology.

Why choose servers from Thinkmate?

In addition to the ability to completely customize every machine to exact specifications, Thinkmate enables you to:

  • Trust our exceptional quality. Our commitment to quality and outstanding reliability has made us a #1 server solutions provider for 20 years.
  • Rely on a 3-year warranty. Every machine we build comes can be paired with a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement. We also offer flexible warranty upgrades, with the ability to cover your machine for up to five years with advanced parts replacement and next-business day service on site.
  • Enjoy remarkable levels of customer service. You'll always reach a live person when you contact us by phone or chat, and our outstanding commitment to customer service means that every employee in the organization is dedicated to helping you get everything you need from your Thinkmate equipment.
  • Source equipment that is made in the USA. All of our machines are built in our state-of-the-art facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts.
  • Expect highly competitive pricing. We have the same relationships with direct suppliers as the large-scale integrators and big-name brands, which means we can offer pricing that is on par with theirs or better.

FAQs: What is a fast storage server?

What is a fast storage server?

A fast storage server is a computer server designed for data storage that can respond to requests from users, applications, and systems at extremely high speeds.

What makes a storage server fast?

A fast storage server is built with fast processors that can deliver high throughput and IOPS, along with a maximum amount of RAM for handling data requests. The rotational speed of hard drives, drive controller throughput and the speed of network interfaces all have an impact on how fast a storage server is.

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