DGX Systems

NVIDIA DGX systems deliver purpose-built AI

As AI transforms the business landscape, enterprises today need purpose-built AI systems that can streamline development workflow to support fast prototyping, frequent iteration, and continuous feedback in order to accelerate time to insight and identify new market frontiers.

NVIDIA DGX systems are designed to meet the demands of data science and enterprise AI, delivering insight in hours rather than months. DGX systems enable the fastest start in AI development along with effortless productivity and revolutionary performance, making this NVIDIA system the world's leading solution for enterprise AI infrastructure at scale.

When sourcing DGX systems and other NVIDIA products, you'll find a wide range of products, highly competitive pricing and deeply knowledgeable specialists at Thinkmate.

A portfolio of enterprise AI infrastructure

NVIDIA DGX systems comprise workstations, servers and other technology that can optimize the software stack, provide unmatched AI leadership and scale to maximize data science productivity.

NVIDIA DGX systems include:

  • NVIDIA DGX Station. As the world's fastest data science workstation for leading-edge AI development, the DGX Station is fully integrated and optimized for faster starts and effortless experimentation, putting the power of a data center within an office location.
  • NVIDIA DGX servers. DGX systems offer a choice of servers, including DGX-1, DGX-2 and DGX A100 servers. NVIDIA DGX A100 is a universal system for all AI workloads, offering the world's most advanced accelerator along with unprecedented performance, flexibility, and compute density in the world's first 5 petaFLOPS AI system.
  • NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD. This first-of-its-kind AI supercomputing infrastructure can be deployed in weeks as a fully integrated system, delivering groundbreaking performance to solve the world's most challenging AI problems. DGX POD is a reference architecture that incorporates best practices for AI scale, combining compute, storage, power, networking, cooling and more in an integrated AI infrastructure design.

DGX systems from Thinkmate

Thinkmate provides custom-built servers, storage, workstations and systems to customers in a broad range of industries. With a hard-earned reputation for reliability and a commitment to superior customer service, we have been the #1 white box server solutions provider for nearly 20 years.

Every machine that Thinkmate builds is custom configured for our customers, and our NVIDIA products and DGX systems are no exception. Costing out and building a custom workstation, server or system is simple with our world-class configurator which offers more customizable options than any other system builder on the web. If you can't find the exact NVIDIA products you're looking for on our site, our expert solution architects are standing by to help you get what you need and ensure you can configure the system that meets your exact requirements.

In addition to DGX systems, you'll find options for an NVIDIA V100, P100 or T4 server on our site, along with systems powered by NVIDIA Quadro vDWS software and other NVIDIA technology. And our product lines include a wide range of other systems, from high-density servers to cloud and NVMe storage server options to virtually silent and high-performance workstations.

Benefits of DGX systems

The benefits of working with a DGX deep learning workstation, high-performance server or DGX POD from NVIDIA include:

  • An optimized software stack. NVIDIA's NGC GPU-optimized software for deep learning, machine learning and high-performance computing takes care of all the details so that researchers, developers and data scientists can focus on discovering insight, creating solutions and ensuring business value.
  • Unmatched AI leadership. By providing unbeatable AI performance at scale, NVIDIA is driving AI innovation across industries, and DGX systems are shattering world records and powering AI initiatives around the world.
  • Scalable AI clusters. NVIDIA's architecture is proven for multi-node scalability and is built with industry leaders in compute, storage and networking.
  • Access to AI expertise. Your DGX systems come with access to NVIDIA DGXperts, a team of 14,000+ professionals with a wealth of experience that can help maximize the value and ROI of your DGX investment.

Why Thinkmate is your best source for DGX systems

When you choose Thinkmate for DGX systems and other NVIDIA products, you can count on:

  • Highly competitive pricing, thanks to our strong relationships with direct suppliers that allow us to offer machines at prices on par with or lower than our competitors.
  • Superb reliability, thanks to our rigorous stress-testing protocols and detailed reliability records.
  • Unrivaled quality ensured by our meticulous quality control programs.
  • Made-in-the-USA equipment, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities in Norwood, Massachusetts.
  • Superior customer service from a team that is constantly working to ensure you get the products you want and the answers you need.
  • An award-winning 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.

FAQs: What are DGX systems?

What are DGX systems?

NVIDIA DGX systems are purpose-built AI systems comprising servers, workstations and infrastructure for delivering AI-powered insights at scale.

What are the benefits of DGX systems?

DGX systems provide an optimized AI software stack that simplifies deployment and enables productivity in hours rather than months. DGX is the core building block of a number of supercomputers in the TOP500. And DGX architecture is proven for multi-node capability.

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