Deep Learning Workstation

Access AI supercomputing power with a deep learning workstation

Advances in deep learning today are opening the door for researchers, scientists and innovators to solve problems that were previously unsolvable and to achieve things that were once in the realm of science fiction. From speech and image recognition to autonomous vehicles to drug discovery and bioinformatics, deep learning is transforming the frontiers of discovery across a wide range of industries.

A deep learning workstation puts the power of a data center in the hands of an individual deep learning scientist or researcher. Powered by GPUs with massive parallel processing power, deep learning workstations can accomplish in minutes or hours what used to take days or weeks, significantly accelerating training and inference times.

When you're ready to source a deep learning workstation, you'll find a wide range of NVIDIA GPU-accelerated workstations at Thinkmate. Our reputation for reliability, our dedication to customer service and our exceptionally competitive pricing have made us a #1 white box solutions provider for customers in a broad variety of industries.

NVIDIA DGX deep learning workstations

NVIDIA DGX Station is the world's first purpose-built AI workstation, powered by four NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. Delivering 500 teraFLOPS of deep learning performance, this deep learning workstation offers performance equivalent to hundreds of traditional servers – packaged in a form factor that can fit neatly under a desk. Water-cooled and whisper-quiet, DGX deep learning workstations are powered by the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning Software Stack, enabling developers and researchers to experiment, iterate and deploy work quickly and effortlessly for larger-scale production training.

This groundbreaking deep learning workstation offers:

  • Accelerated performance. DGX stations offer 72X the performance for deep learning training compared to CPU-based servers.
  • Faster analysis. DGX offers 100X speedup on large data set analysis over a 20-node Spark server cluster.
  • Greater bandwidth. Enjoy a 5X increase in bandwidth compared to PCIe with NVLink technology.
  • More versatility. DGX maximizes versatility with deep learning training and over 30,000 images per second inferencing.
  • Quick startup. DGX systems let users begin innovating within one hour.

Deep learning workstations from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a world-class provider of custom workstation, server and storage solutions for more than 25 years. Offering a wide range of products for clients in government, education, business and HPC markets, we deliver technology that is customized 100% for your computing environment.

Our line of Thinkmate GPX workstations are designed for scientific, engineering and deep learning applications that require high levels of parallel processing. With support for NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and NVIDIA DGX Stations, a Thinkmate deep learning workstation puts cluster-level performance right at your desk.

Thinkmate deep learning workstations are built with high-quality components for breakthrough performance and ultimate reliability. To optimize cooling for even the most demanding applications, our workstations feature Gold Level power supplies, energy-saving motherboards and enterprise-class server management.

Our world-class configurator makes it easy to build and cost out a deep learning workstation or data science workstation in minutes. Our workstations feature a great array of options for platforms, processors, drives, memory, monitors and operating systems, with prices for each component clearly marked on our website. To ensure you get a product that perfectly matches your requirements, our expert technicians are always available by email, phone or chat to consult on your selection.

In addition to GPU-accelerated servers and workstations, Thinkmate offers a wide range of other NVIDIA products, including NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server software and NVIDIA V100, P100, T4 and RTX server options. We also offer high-density servers, cloud storage servers, nearline servers, NVMe storage server products and more.

Benefits of an NVIDIA deep learning workstation

An NVIDIA DGX deep learning workstation from Thinkmate provides:

  • The fastest start in data science and AI research. DGX Station lets users start innovating within one hour. An NVIDIA deep learning workstation lets you spend less time and money on configuration, and more resources on data science. And a DGX Station can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in engineering hours in lost productivity as users wait for stable versions of open source code become available.
  • Data center power – without the data center. DGX Station packages the compute power of racks of servers in an office-friendly form factor that puts the fastest deep learning system for data science and AI research at the fingertips of individual researchers and scientists.
  • Access to AI expertise. NVIDIA deep learning workstations come with AI expertise, enterprise-grade support, extensive training, and field-proven capabilities.

Thinkmate: Your best source for workstations and servers for AI

As you source deep learning workstations and servers, you'll find many advantages at Thinkmate.

  • Exceptional reliability. Our stress-testing protocols and detailed reliability records have helped us to build a hard-earned reputation for reliable machines.
  • Competitive pricing. Because we have the same relationships with direct suppliers as our big-name competitors, we can offer custom-built equipment at prices that are as good or better than theirs.
  • Superb quality. Our machines and the components in them are subjected to an extensive quality control process that ensures every Thinkmate computer will deliver the performance our customers have come to expect.
  • USA-made equipment. Every machine from Thinkmate is built in our own state-of-the-art facilities outside of Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 3-year warranty. A Thinkmate workstation comes with a standard 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement.
  • Excellent customer service. Every member of our team is committed to doing everything within their power to help you resolve issues, find answers and get the exact equipment you need for your computing environment.

FAQs: What is a deep learning workstation?

What is a deep learning workstation?

A deep learning workstation is a computer powered by multiple GPUs that deliver massive parallel processing power to handle computationally intensive deep learning workloads. Deep learning workstations enable scientists and researchers to process massive amounts of data in a small amount of time as they use algorithms, big data, and compute power to solve real-world problems with deep learning science.

What technology is essential in a deep learning workstation?

A deep learning workstation requires enormous speed and massive processing power as well as a system that can optimize cooling for even the most demanding applications.

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