Data Storage Solution

As data continues to flood into today’s enterprises at an unprecedented scale, finding the right data storage solution or solutions has become a top priority for IT managers. The challenge lies not only in the volume of data, but in the wide variety of data storage objectives and use cases. Data storage use cases may range from support for high-concurrency transactional systems, to on- or off-premise backup storage, to long-term archiving to satisfy regulatory requirements, to massively scalable clustered storage in support of private or public clouds—to mention just a few.

Given this variety of potential storage needs and workloads, your best bet when seeking a data storage solution is to work with a vendor who offers:

  • The experience and expertise to help you identify the best possible data storage solution for your particular environment and your current and projected use cases.
  • A wide range of data storage solutions, so the vendor can match you with just the right solution rather than pushing a particular featured product on you.
  • Outstanding customer service and support, to ensure that you get the best possible ROI on your chosen data storage solution.

Thinkmate: The Custom Data Storage Solution Provider

Thinkmate is the leading provider of high-performance custom server and storage solutions. With nearly 30 years in the server and data storage solution market, we count among our customers some of the world’s top corporations and academic institutions, as well as major U.S. federal agencies.

Leveraging our long partnerships with leading computer component makers, we build custom servers and customer storage solutions to your exact specifications, in our state-of-art facilities in the USA. We pride ourselves on providing a level of personalized and committed customer service that the mass-volume vendors just can’t match. And we back our products with a 3 year warranty with advance parts placements – some of the most rock-solid warranty terms in the industry.

Data Storage Solution Options From Thinkmate

Thinkmate offers data storage solution options suitable for any type of environment or workload , including:

  • Bulk storage servers. Our STX-NS line of storage servers is capacity-optimized for use in bulk storage environments such as cloud storage, clustered NAS, or NoSQL storage clusters.
  • Nearline storage servers. Our STX-NS family of storage servers delivers superior IOPS/TB in support of enterprise-class nearline storage workloads.
  • Mission-critical enterprise storage servers. STX-EN storage servers deliver top-end performance and reliability in OLTP, big data analytics, or high-performance computing environments.
  • Unified NAS/SAN solutions. Our NexentaStor™ data storage solution provides unified support for file-level NAS storage protocols and block-level SAN protocols, all in the same system.
  • VSAN-Ready solutions. VSAN-Ready systems are optimized for running VMware® Virtual SAN, a versatile, hypervisor-converged storage layer for VMware virtualized environments.
  • 12 Gb/s SAS solutions. Thinkmate’s 12 Gb/s SAS storage solutions break new ground for throughput performance, making them ideal for bandwidth-hungry workloads.
  • JBOD storage. Looking to cost-effectively expand the capacity of an existing storage system? JBOD storage units from Thinkmate are the perfect solution.

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