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Data centers are growing larger and more complex as they accommodate the growth of cloud computing, virtualization, networked storage, and new business applications. Infrastructure such as physical space, power, and cooling is critical to sustainable data center growth. Any data center solution must address these infrastructure needs.

Server vendors who provide rack solutions are at the forefront of optimizing data center resources. Technological improvements in rack mounted servers and storage systems increase computing and storage densities, and performance. In today’s data center solution, productivity continues to improve as processor, memory, and disk densities increase per unit space along with more efficient power supplies and more effective cooling.

Best-of-Breed Data Center Solution Products from Thinkmate

At the forefront of the industry, Thinkmate offers comprehensive best-of-breed products for any data center solution. Its products include highly configurable rack and pedestal servers, server storage, and server blade systems. Thinkmate is also a supplier partner of Supermicro offering a full range of Supermicro servers including very high density Twin Server products like Supermicro Twin2® and TwinBlade®.

For supercomputing-level processing power, Thinkmate’s GPU-optimized GPX servers can be configured with up to eight Nvidia® Tesla™ GPUs in a 4U chassis. In addition to Thinkmate GPX servers, Thinkmate also sells Supermicro GPU-optimized servers such as Supermicro GPU SuperServers®, GPU SuperBlade®, and GPU FatTwin™ servers. These servers offer the highest GPU densities using Nvidia® Tesla™ and Intel® Xeon Phi™ GPUs. For optimized virtual graphics, Thinkmate and Supermicro provide rack mount solutions using Nvidia® GRID™ GPUs that are exemplary for cloud gaming and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure applications. With these powerful GPU-optimized servers, Thinkmate offers the most comprehensive server selection for any GPU-powered supercomputing data center solution.

Storage servers from Thinkmate include Thinkmate’s STX and Supermicro’s SuperStorage products. Thinkmate STX server line includes platforms tailored to cloud, nearline, and enterprise applications. Each configuration is optimized for capacity, workload performance, or a balance of both. Supermicro SuperStorage servers implement Double-Sided Storage® architecture where drives are packed in the front and rear of server chassis yielding one of the industry’s highest density storage servers. Both Thinkmate STX and Supermicro SuperStorage servers support 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s SAS interfaces and up to seventy-two hot-swappable drives in a 4U chassis.

Configure the Best Data Center Solution with Thinkmate

Thinkmate’s exhaustive range of competitively priced server products enables any data center architect to design the most up-to-date, highest performing, most efficient, and most cost-effective data center solution. With Thinkmate’s configuration experts and in-house engineers, custom server configurations can easily be created to meet any data center solution requirements. Additionally, Thinkmate’s 3-year warranty (with advance parts availability) and 24-hour support will keep data center solutions running with minimal downtime.

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