Data Center Servers and Storage Systems

Custom data center servers and storage systems

When you're sourcing servers and storage systems for your data center, choosing custom solutions enables you to tailor your equipment to the needs of your computing environment today while also preparing your data center for the inevitable growth in performance and capacity requirements.

As a world-class provider of custom computer equipment for more than 25 years, Thinkmate provides a broad range of options for servers and storage systems and enables you to customize each machine to meet the specific needs of your data center.

Why choose custom servers and storage systems?

Custom data center servers and storage systems offer several key benefits as you seek to improve data center performance and storage capacity.

  • Custom machines save money. Conventional wisdom has long held that off-the-shelf systems – which are configured based on the manufacturer's determination about which features are most likely to be in demand – provided greater cost benefits. But because custom servers and storage systems can be configured to your exact requirements, you won't end up paying for features and functionalities you don't need.
  • Custom equipment is easier to support. Custom systems are typically made with commodity hardware that features standard interfaces, making it easier and more affordable to replace it when needed.
  • Custom systems can be future-proofed. When configuring custom data center servers and storage systems, you have the flexibility to configure your data center environment to prepare for evolving requirements for computing performance and storage capacity.

Data center servers and storage systems from Thinkmate

Thinkmate has been a premier provider of custom computer and server equipment since 1986. Serving businesses, educational institutions and government agencies, we deliver cutting-edge technology with superior customer service and highly competitive pricing, a formula which has made us the #1 white box server solutions provider for nearly 20 years.

When you source your data center servers and storage systems from Thinkmate, you can rely on:

  • Exceptionally reliable equipment, thanks to detailed reliability records and our rigorous stress testing protocols.
  • A 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement – standard on all Thinkmate machines.
  • Competitive pricing – our strong relationships with direct suppliers enable us to offer prices that are on par with or better than our competitors.
  • Attentive customer service, where you'll always find a live person who is happy to answer questions, help configure system, or resolve issues.
  • 100% customization for every Thinkmate machine, enabling you to source data center servers and storage systems that meet your exact requirements.

A wide range of server and storage options

Thinkmate options for data center servers and storage systems include:

  • Rackmount general-purpose servers. Our flexible rackmount servers range from 1U to 4U and deliver a high level of reliability and performance. Supporting the latest technologies in CPU, GPU, networking, memory and storage, these custom servers are the perfect building blocks of a modern, fault-tolerant and scalable data center.
  • High-density servers for cloud and HPC. Our high-density servers feature an innovative design that allows you to increase computing density while minimizing costs, energy and space requirements. Enabling up to 8 systems to operate in the same physical space, these servers offer industry-leading density for HPC computing clusters, data centers and data farms, search engine nodes and other high-availability applications.
  • GPU servers for highly parallel computing workloads. Our GPU servers feature NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and are designed to deliver the massively parallel processing power required for the most computationally intensive applications such as medical imaging, HPC environments, oil and gas simulation, astrophysics and other fields.
  • Scalable storage systems for data storage. Our storage systems provide servers for network-attached storage, nearline storage, RAID or JBOD expansion and cloud storage server configurations. Whether you're looking for a compact 1U storage server, for a super fast storage server or for the biggest storage server possible, you'll find Thinkmate machines that deliver industry-leading performance and support the latest CPUs and interconnect technologies.
  • Tower servers for small businesses. Our tower servers are ideal for small businesses that don't require dedicated servers or rackmount solutions. Optimized for business-critical applications such as databases, email and Web servers, corporate networking and databases, our tower server series delivers industry-leading performance and high data availability.
  • Blade servers for highly parallel computing workloads. We offer the most technically advanced blade server system in the industry, with benefits that include maximum affordability, lower power consumption, reduced management costs, high scalability and optimal ROI.

We also feature a broad selection of best-in-class branded equipment, including Supermicro Atom server and GIGABYTE storage server options.

How to configure your servers and storage systems

When you're ready to configure data center servers or storage systems with Thinkmate, our world-class configurator makes it fast and easy. You can choose from a wide variety of base models based on form factor, platform, drives, maximum RAM and other features, and then customize your machine by adding or swapping out a wide variety of components. Depending on your base platform, you'll have a broad range of customizable options for processors, memory, hard drives and SSD drives, network cards, operating systems, software and more.

To create a transparent configuration process, we publish the price of each component on our website so you can see a running total of the cost of your machine as you customize it. As you're configuring, you can check in with our expert solution architects at any time to get answers to questions or assistance in building the data center servers and storage systems that are ideal for your computing environment.

FAQs: What are data center servers and storage systems?

What are data center servers and storage systems?

Data center servers and storage systems provide the computing power and data storage capacity that allow data centers to make data available to a wide range of users, applications and systems. Servers are responsible for managing network resources and providing processing power, while storage systems are responsible for storing data and making it easily available.

What are the benefits of white box servers and storage systems?

White box servers and storage systems are computer products that are built with readily available, non-branded hardware components, rather than being manufactured by major brands or large-scale integrators. White box data center servers and storage systems tend to be more affordable, more easily customized to the needs of a particular environment, and easier to maintain and support since the machines are built with components that use standard interfaces.

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