Custom Workstation

Solve computing challenges with a custom workstation

When you need a computer that can address very specific needs for speed and processing power or for compute-intensive applications, a custom workstation is the answer. By choosing a custom-configured workstation, you can build a system with the exact components you require while saving money over off-the-shelf machines that bundle commonly used features that might not be exactly what you need.

At Thinkmate, we provide workstation, server and storage solutions that can be 100% customized to the needs of your computing workloads and environment. As a #1 white box server solutions provider for nearly 20 years, we offer cutting-edge equipment, extraordinary customer service and highly competitive pricing to customers in a wide range of industries.

Benefits of a custom workstation

Building a custom workstation offers many benefits over choosing bundled products from commercial manufacturers. With a custom workstation, you can:

  • Save money by paying only for the features and components you need.
  • Build a computer that meets your exact requirements.
  • Work with equipment that can be easily expanded as your needs evolve, adding or replacing components to increase memory, enhance performance, and add storage.
  • Know exactly how your workstation was built and what components it features.
  • Expect greater performance and reliability, thanks to production quality and testing that is not possible with mass-produced branded computers.

Custom workstations from Thinkmate

Since 1986, Thinkmate has been providing customers in business, government, education and the high-performance computing markets with custom-built machines at highly competitive prices. Our commitment to customer service and our deep technical knowledge have helped to make us an indispensable partner to our customers as they provide the specific equipment they need to improve productivity and competitiveness.

We offer three lines of custom workstations.

Our virtually silent workstations combine low-noise operation with cutting-edge performance for ultra-quiet machines. Using specially designed heatsinks, low-noise chassis and fan designs, and ultra-quiet power supplies, these workstations take noiseless operations to a new level. These custom workstations are ideal for noise-sensitive workspaces like audio and video recording studios, home theaters, laboratories, engineering studios and live performance environments.

Our high-performance workstations are designed for high-end compute and high-reliability workloads. Built with NVIDIA GPUs and the latest Intel® Xeon and AMD EPYC™ processing platforms, these machines are engineered to be processing workhorses and are the perfect choice for compute-intensive industries like science, medicine, software and media.

Our GPU-optimized workstations are designed for applications that require high levels of parallel processing. These machines are built with high-quality components that deliver breakthrough performance and ultimate reliability. Gold Level power supplies, energy-saving motherboards and enterprise-class server management help to optimize cooling for even the most demanding applications.

In addition to custom workstations, we offer a broad range of rackmount, high-density, GPU-optimized, cloud server and NVMe storage server products. And our NVIDIA offerings include a complete line of GPU servers as well as NVIDIA HGX-2 systems and virtualization software like GRID vPC and GRID vApps.

How to configure and cost out your workstation

Building a custom workstation with Thinkmate's world-class configurator takes just a few minutes. To get started, simply choose a base model from our collection of virtually silent, high-performance, or GPU-optimized workstations. Then you can add or swap out components to configure the machine to your exact specifications. From processors, memory, drives and video cards to monitors, peripherals and operating systems, you'll have a long list of options to choose from, and you'll see the price for each component clearly marked on the page. At the top of the page, you'll find a total configured price based on your selections, so you'll always have a sense for the cost of your machine vs. your budget.

Why choose Thinkmate for custom workstations?

At Thinkmate, our commitment to exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology has made us a top solutions provider for nearly 20 years. Our hard-earned reputation for reliability is the product of our own stress-testing protocols and detailed reliability records. This commitment to excellence makes it easy to offer a 3-year warranty for every machine, with advanced parts replacement. And with our strong relationships with direct suppliers, we can offer workstations at prices that are on par with or better than our competitors. Every Thinkmate machine is built in the USA in our facility outside of Boston, Massachusetts. And our dedication to providing superb customer service means you'll always be able to speak with a live person when you contact us for answers to questions or to resolve issues.

FAQs: What is a custom workstation?

What is a custom workstation?

A custom workstation is an individual computer that has been built and configured to the exact specifications of a company or its users. With a custom workstation, the purchaser may specify the amount of memory, number of processor cores, types of drives, the form factor, the network cards, the monitors, the operating system, software and peripherals.

What are the advantages of a custom workstation?

A custom workstation enables you to purchase only the features and capacity you need and to avoid paying for components you don't need. A custom workstation can be built to serve very specific needs such as computing for deep learning, data science, or graphically rich applications. And a custom workstation will usually enable you to expand capabilities as your needs for speed, memory and processing power evolve over time.

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