Custom Storage Solutions

The custom storage solutions market has evolved to keep pace with changes in enterprise storage environments and business needs. Three prominent developments in the market are the emergence of software-defined storage; the advent of unified NAS/SAN storage systems; and the trend toward data storage solutions that are optimized for virtualized environments. As the leading builder of custom storage solutions, Thinkmate can help your organization capitalize on any of these storage technology advances.

Custom Storage Solutions for Running Storage Software

With software-defined storage (SDS), you buy data storage software – or download open source storage software – and then run it on the server hardware of your choice. The market for SDS has grown because it’s typically more economical than buying storage appliances, more flexible, and faster to evolve and advance. Examples of software-defined storage solutions include FreeNAS (an open source NAS software) as well as any of the NoSQL technologies such as Cassandra or MongoDB.

A key to maximizing your ROI on software-defined storage is choosing just the right hardware platform to power the software. Thinkmate is a custom computer hardware specialist and offers three lines of custom storage solutions geared toward running storage software:

  • STX-NS storage servers, for economical storage of massive volumes of data
  • STX-NL storage servers, with superior IOPS/TB to support nearline storage workloads
  • STX-EN storage servers, supporting 12Gb/s SAS storage technology, for the most demanding use cases such as OLTP or big data analytics.

We also offer a range of JBOD storage units for easy expansion of any storage system.

All of our custom storage solutions are built to your exact specifications in our state-of-art facilities in the USA, and are backed by devoted, personalized customer service and one of the industry’s strongest warranty programs.

Custom Storage Solutions for Unified NAS and SAN

Thinkmate’s custom storage solutions for unified NAS and SAN couple high-performance custom hardware platforms with innovative NexentaStor™ software. These custom storage solutions support NAS I/O protocols (NFS and CIFS/SMB) as well as SAN protocols (Fibre Channel or iSCSI), with unified management control and enterprise features such as inline data deduplication. These integrated SAN and NAS systems are available on a range of custom Thinkmate hardware platforms of varying capacities, so you can choose the solution that’s best suited to your current and projected workloads.

Custom Storage Solutions for Virtualized Environments

Thinkmate’s VSAN Ready custom storage solutions are a family of hardware platforms built specifically to power VMware® Virtual SAN™ software. Converged with the VMware hypervisor, Virtual SAN delivers versatile high-performance shared storage for VMware virtualized environments. VSAN Ready systems from Thinkmate come in a variety of form factors and capacities, providing an optimized data storage solution for anywhere from 15 up to 400 virtual machines.

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