Custom Server Rack

Increase flexibility with custom server rackmount solutions

As your data center continues to grow, custom rackmount servers and storage devices enable you to provision equipment with the exact performance, functionality and capacity you require. Rather than paying for equipment with a general set of features that are not ideally aligned with your needs, custom server rackmount solutions enable you to focus your budget on the data center resources that will best serve your needs today and tomorrow.

As a world-class provider of custom computer and server equipment since 1986, Thinkmate provides a wide range of custom server rack technology, including industry-leading servers and storage solutions.

The advantages of custom server rackmount devices

Rackmount servers offer a number of benefits over alternative organizational structures. Rackmount servers provide:

  • Increased performance. Server rackmount structures are designed to allow proper airflow above and below servers and storage devices, helping to cool the equipment more effectively and to enable optimal performance.
  • Tighter security. Server racks with locked panels help to keep unauthorized users from accessing the devices, preventing malicious or accidental damage that could cause outages.
  • Easier maintenance. Server racks make it easier to keep cables and power cords organized, minimizing the time required from data center staff for maintenance and troubleshooting.

The advantages of rackmount servers are increased when the equipment can be custom-built to the exact requirements of the data center and the compute and storage needs of the organization. By working with a manufacturer that can customize every machine, organizations can maximize performance while remaining within budget limitations.

Custom server rack storage solutions from Thinkmate

As the #1 white box server solutions provider for more than 20 years, Thinkmate delivers a broad range of customized computer, storage and workstation solutions for customers in business, government and education. Offering in-depth technical knowledge across a broad range of products and technologies, we serve as an invaluable partner to our customers as we provide consultation, advice and support in addition to a comprehensive array of custom server rackmount technologies.

Custom storage rack server solutions from Thinkmate include:

  • Low-cost network-attached storage (NAS). Our STX-NS custom server rack storage solutions balance performance and high capacity for unified, software-defined, virtualization and hyper- converged environments. Available in 1U to 4U form factors with 12-72 drive bays, our low-cost NAS servers are ideal for moderate workloads, scale-out storage, 24x7 cloud data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and more.
  • Nearline storage solutions. Providing predictable and reliable performance to support enterprise-class nearline workloads, our STX-NL servers are available in 2U-4U form factors with 12-72 drive bays with the choice of SATA or SAS interfaces. Offering durable capacity storage for high-availability environments, these custom server rack storage devices are ideal for high-performance computing, RAID arrays, high-availability external storage arrays and data warehousing and mining.
  • Servers for RAID or JBOD expansion. Our STX-JB series provides dependable, high-capacity storage expansion units that offer an economical way to expand storage capacity. These custom server rackmount devices are perfect for increasing capacity on an existing system or consolidating archives and backups from a central storage server.

Thinkmate custom rackmount servers

Our selection of servers includes a wide variety of devices to meet any data center requirements.

  • General-purpose rack servers. Our RAX series of rackmount servers provide flexibility in 1U to 4U form factors, with proven reliability and performance. Offering support for the latest technologies in CPU, GPU, storage, memory and networking, Thinkmate RAX servers are designed for a wide range of applications and deliver industry-leading performance-per-watt savings.
  • High-density systems for cloud and HPC. Our HDX series of high-density server solutions increase computing density while reducing costs, energy and space requirements. These custom server rack devices enable up to eight systems to be operated and maintained in one physical space, providing computing power for HPC computing clusters, data centers, search engine nodes and other high-availability applications.
  • GPU servers for highly parallel computing workloads. Thinkmate GPX servers feature NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and deliver massively parallel processing power for the most demanding HPC, hyperscale and enterprise data center workloads.

Additionally, we provide a selection of tower servers and blade servers, enabling our customers to find products with the exact form factor and specifications they require.

Why Thinkmate is your #1 source for custom server rack solutions

At Thinkmate, our commitment to superior quality and leading-edge technology has made us a top solutions provider for more than 20 years. We have built a hard-earned reputation for reliability, with detailed reliability records and our own stress-testing protocols. That makes it easy for us to offer a 3-year warranty with advanced parts replacement, while delivering custom server rack solutions at prices that are on par or better than our competitors.

Building custom server rack solutions at Thinkmate is easy with our world-class configurator, which offers more options than any other system builder on the web. Choose from a wide variety of base models, and then swap components in and out to get a custom-built server that meets your exact needs. The price of every component is clearly marked, so you'll always know exactly what you're paying for your devices. And if you need help configuring your system, our expert solution architects are always standing by to answer questions or provide assistance.

FAQs: What is a custom server rack?

What is a custom server rack?

A custom server rack is a standard server rack that contains computer servers and/or storage solutions that have been custom-built to a customer's specifications, rather than configured with a general set of common features and functionalities.

What are the advantages of a custom server rack?

With a rack full of custom server and storage solutions, an organization can more easily achieve objectives for server performance and storage capacity while respecting budgetary limitations. Custom-built servers and storage solutions enable data center managers to have the exact equipment they need to meet the needs of the organization without over-provisioning or overpaying for features and functionality they don't need.

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