Cloud Storage

By now two things have become clear about cloud storage. First is that cloud storage is here to stay. Second is that for medium-sized and large organizations, hybrid cloud has emerged as the cloud storage utilization model of choice.

In the hybrid cloud storage model, organizations store some data on-premise in a private cloud and some data in a public cloud, and data is easily migrated between the two cloud tiers. This approach to cloud storage provides data-rich organizations the best of both worlds. With hybrid cloud storage:

  • Highly confidential or mission-critical data can be stored on-premise in the private cloud, while less sensitive data is stored in the public cloud.
  • The public cloud can be used as a buffer to absorb spikes of data that overflow private cloud capacity (a public cloud utilization tactic sometimes called “cloud bursting”).
  • Data can be tiered (automatically migrated) from private cloud storage to public cloud storage based on age or inactivity.

Cloud Storage Requirements

Whether you’re building a private cloud storage tier or a public cloud storage tier, you’ll need to incorporate certain cloud storage system building blocks. These include:

  • Modern technologies for resource virtualization and service automation—both essential in order to rapidly spin up new resources when they’re requested by customers, and to release those resources when customers no longer require them.
  • Technologies to support multi-tenancy, so that each customer’s data is safely segregated and each customer’s service usage can be precisely tracked and billed for (or charged-back for, in the case of a private cloud).
  • Web APIs (and typically a web portal) that enable customers to self-serve.
  • Rock-solid storage server hardware from a trusted vendor like Thinkmate.

Cloud Storage Building Blocks from Thinkmate

Thinkmate is the custom computer server systems and storage systems provider of choice for some of the world’s largest businesses, government agencies, and research institutions. Our STX-NS series of storage servers is optimized for bulk storage of unstructured data and delivers exceptional dependability, scalability, and cost per GB stored. These highly configurable storage servers provide an ideal hardware platform for common cloud storage topologies including clustered NAS storage and replicated object storage. For customers who prefer turnkey storage solutions, we also offer systems with pre-installed NexentaStor™ software (for unified NAS/SAN storage) or pre-installed VMware® Virtual SAN software.

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